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Good Linux flavour for the Masses.(humans)

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If you are looking for something similar to Windows then stick to Windows XP..

If you are looking for something radically different and refereshing then you could try out Ubuntu DVD


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Linux is a different OS,let us learn it rather than trying to make/find it similar to Windows.I'll say if u r a n00b,try mandriva...


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ubuntu/Kubuntu is great. However, Kubuntu is better as KDE is a bit more comfortable than GNOME(that's my opinion). Mandriva Linux is also very good. It is extremely user friendly. If you want it similar to windows, try out Linspire(formerly Lindows).


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Start this way for KDE. Kubuntu > Ubuntu > Fedora

Frankly speaking, any distro is worth it, all are made for masses =/

I started with Xandros 1.0 ...


If u r a new user to linux. Then Mandriva is the best. You need fairly good linux experience for using ubuntu. Suse is also good but needs some tweaking skills. So start with Mandriva then move to suse if u want more out of Linux.


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Linspire is very similer to windows infact it was first "Lindows"....
But are u really leaving windows,...this is the first time I'm seeing such a thing

But first try out the live Cds and see for ur self....are u serious...


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prakash kerala said:
I likes gentoo,but for a n00b,fedora/mandriva is better
I am teh Linux n00b and me likes Gentoo (LiveCD) ---Fedora isnt all that good...just that it comes bundled with hundreds of apps. :rolleyes:
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