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Get all your emails via sms for free

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Beyond Smart
mobee features

  1. full access to your emails via SMS
  2. no GPRS required and nothing to install
  3. works with any email - Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc
  4. works with any mobile
  5. READ full mail, REPLY, REPLYALL, SEND email
  6. attach documents while SENDing or REPLYing emails
  7. access unlimited email accounts
  8. smart mail filters, whitelist/blacklist emails
  9. easy to use - START/STOP easily
  10. BLOCK and UNBLOCK emails from a email Id
  11. backup your SMS

Sign up at : http://www.mobee.in/

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you start getting telemarketing calls /smses after signing up :p


Only 10 emails (SMS) per day (* for a limited time, company may discontinue free account at their will)
Only 90 characters per sms(rest for ads)


!! RecuZant By Birth !!
^^ if thats true .. guys dont hand over ur id and pass to these sites..

when sites like gmail is now hacked frequently .. how safe can these sites be...

off lately i have seen many ids on net .. being hacked.. so be careful..

with nulled and ripped scripts .. its very easy nowadays to get a site like this to go online ...
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