Fedora 10 installed,help needed.

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I've installed Fedora 10 KDE 4.1 x64. Got some questions here:
1.My net is extremely slow on Linux whereas it's lightning fast on Vista. What is it?
2.How to install the latest version of KDE? KDE4.2 I guess.

More coming.


Yup keep the Ipv6 disabled

then firewall not to enforce , whether if u disabled

then go to the

vi /etc/resolv.conf enter the static gateway ID ,if it is not there

enter as
nameserver 192.X.X.XX
then ur id

then after that type

service network restart
chkconf network on


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check the DNS address..
pl try do not change the default settings except ipv6.
im having fedora 10 with 256kpbs plan and working fine with default settings..


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If u hav installed fedora 10 frm DIGIT it wont work........coz its a live CD
you hav to download the DVD to get all the bundled repositories.......

othws u can dwnld.......


yum update in konsole it will update everything in Fedora !
thats how i updated my full system .. and i never experienced any slow internet speed problem .. been with fedora 10 the moment it released the stable till now .. just faced couple of bug problems which got fixed over night
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