1. rohitshubham

    Help Required for triple boot

    Hey, I want to install redhat 6 to my computer system which has windows 7 and fedora 18 already installed... I was wondering whether GRUB2 on fedora 18 will support redhat6 which primarily boots with grub1. What kind of options will i have to use while installing redhat
  2. kg11sgbg

    HELP!!!! Cannot install any OS in HDD,motherboard problems likely-??!!!

    To all TDF Friends,also to our generous Helpful Friends,topgear & whitestar. This last sunday I was given a Sony pendrive by one of my relative,to copy some Tagore Songs onto it.I was inside Fedora 19,and was surfing through Firefox.I did my job successfully. Afterwards,"FREEZING" Problems...
  3. TheSloth

    Little problems in Fedora 17

    I am new to Linux. I installed Fedora 17 recently and started facing problems from starting itself. Problem are follows as: 1. Installed NetworkManager but still not getting it in Notification Area. Tried "nm-applet &" but didn't work. 2. Still couldn't configure my college wifi in Fedora. But...
  4. S

    System crashes on viewing flash content on every Browser & OS

    I have an intel i3 system with intel original motherboard. My browser and sometimes system crashes when I view any flash content on any browser (firefox, chrome, ie) with latest versions of them. I have formatted my system many times and have experienced the same issue on Windows xp, 7, 8...
  5. H

    How to install Fedora?

    My PC configuration is HP dx 2200 microtower RAM 1.00 GB Hard Disk 80 GB OS Windows 7 I want to install fedora 13 without format my pc. and how to create parition.?..........
  6. MetalheadGautham

    Fedora or openSUSE or Ubuntu

    Alright so here's the situation. I was a "normal" desktop linux power user for quite a few years, starting 2007. Moving through Ubuntu, Debian and Sidux I settled with ArchLinux that's served me well. Problem is now I am a developer and this distro is definitely not the most comfortable OS for...
  7. CommanderShawnzer

    [Help this N00b]how to install fedora 16?

    how to install fedora 16(the one given in some digit dvd) as dual boot/or in virtual box ? ive tried burning an .iso image into a CD ,also extracting to iso's contents and then burning to another cd but still in oracle virtual box i get this error what am i doing wrong here?please help me on...
  8. IronCruz

    C programs in Fedora.

    Hello. I've installed Fedora 13 with Windows 7 Host on VM Virtual Box. When i try to compile c/c++,lex and yacc programs, it shows "CommandNot found Error". So what should i do so that i can compile and run those programs?
  9. d6bmg

    catalyst supporting crossfire for fedora

    Driver for Fedora 9 & 15 supporting HD6950 crossfire. :unsure: Catalyst 10.11 (existing driver in fedora) doesn't detect 2nd card! :shock: Any help will be useful. P.S. as that's thee PC of my sis, I can't provide any screenshot. :cry:
  10. JojoTheDragon

    Fedora 16 Launched

    Launched : November 8, 2011 Installation Requirements: Main Features : Complete Release notes: Release Notes Using it since last 2 days. Its awesome and much better than Ubuntu 11.10.
  11. J

    software installation in fedora 15

    I downloaded .tar.bz2 file. How can it be installed in fedora 15 and mint 11.
  12. A

    fedora 12

    hello guys ! i need fedora 12 but i am unable to find it on net. can you please share the link/torrent from where i can download fedora 12. thanks in advance
  13. A

    dual booting

    hey guyz i installed fedora 14 over windows xp. now the thing is whenever i start the pc and dont press the esc key fedora is booted but by default i want windows to be loaded. is it possible?how.. thnx
  14. A

    Fedora 15 Hangs during Shutdown and Booting

    Hello friends, I am getting a very annoying problem (and also serious one). Fedora 15 Lovelock Hangs during Shutdown and some times during Booting. So, I have to switch off the power supply. Now, this will for sure lead to problems. And, hence for two times in a month, the whole installation...
  15. Harshit Srivastava

    Installing fedora with windows already installed

    hey guys help me out in installing fedora parallel to windows.. I had tried to run fedora through a bootable cd but it stops half way on booting.. Further i had also tried to run it on a virtual box but same problem persists... I git the fdora image file from Digit June 11 apps dvd.. guys...
  16. pulkitpopli2004

    how to install fedora 13 from Digit DVD

    I have a DVD from digit in which fedora live .iso file is there.. i opened that file using Daemon Tools.. bt again there are several .iso file.. have somebody tried installing fedora from that cd?? Can anyone assist me regarding its installation?
  17. N

    Dual boot

    I have vista presently working os.I want to install fedora now..I want to make it dual boot..can any one suggest the solution..Thank you
  18. paroh

    Fedora 15 Final available for download

    Fedora 15 Final available for download http://fedoraproject.org/en/get-fedora-options
  19. Rahim

    Breaking a few eggs: Fedora 15 changes network device naming

    Breaking a few eggs: Fedora 15 changes network device naming By Joe Brockmeier The Fedora Project is getting ready to break a lot of networking scripts that depend on the ethX naming convention — by being the first major distro to ship Consistent Network Device Naming. Matt Domsch...
  20. S

    Trouble installing Fedora

    i am having trouble installing fedora present in the dec 2010 issue.... how do i do it??
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