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by Valve

DOTA 2 is being developed by Valve in conjunction with ICEFROG the current author of the Dota custom maps for Warcraft 3.

It is seen by Dota players as a direct upgrade over the existing Dota game. However being in closed Beta, it is yet to be seen if it lives up to expectations.

Official Blog: Dota 2

Created a new guide for new players:

Begginers Guide to Dota 2

Let the Battle begin!


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DoTA 2 = DoTA + HoN/LoL
Haven't played much since got hands on it (Thanks to Desmond_David :) ), but here are my impressions. Visual changes are good. It is feels good seeing your favorite hero and its skills in a visually better form. Also Mouse Movement is smoother. I don't like the new creeps though (Roshan too looks lame :|).
I have a mixed view on the new shop system. Good thing is that all the shops in the base are under one main shop, you don't have to individually buy recipe items, and you can (sort of) remember items you will purchase later.
What i hate about the shop system is the recommended item section for your hero. Although this can be good in some cases, i feel it will discourage players from trying out new and situational item builds for their heroes. Regarding the gameplay, i am still to get the feel of it as i haven't played much of real matches.


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From today's game....getting better:

Also, I still have two more copies of Dota 2, if anyone interested.
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Only the one who hosts can give you that.
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Have you all installed Dota2 yet?

My opinion about looks:
Good changes (compared to Dota1):
-Ancient Apparition
-"All female heroes"
-Night Stalker

Bad changes:
-Storm spirit
-Shadow Fiend
-Sacred Warrior
-Blood Seeker

No significant change:

This list is not complete, feel free to post more.

Check this **** out:

“So, in practice, a really likable person in our community should get Dota 2 for free, because of past behaviour in Team Fortress 2. Now, a real jerk that annoys everyone, they can still play, but a game is full price and they have to pay an extra hundred dollars if they want voice.”
-Gabe Newell on the pricing policy of Dota2. Source


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WTF...I've given Dota2 to so many of you, yet no activity? What a waste! :(
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I've been barred from using my PC indefinitely. I clocked 8hours of Dota each day for the past 2 months. I searched for the key a lot. Finally got it thanks to you. But I had only a day or two more to spare to play. Unfortunately can't play anymore until a few months later.



Exams and sheet. Will have to slog for a month or two now. But then I will try getting keys for my friends, around 5 more, who will play Dota 2 for sure. That way we can kick mule. :D

The shop is confusing as hell in the beginning.


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Did I not send you?

Sorry if I didn't..will send you if I get more.
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From todays game: Getting even better:

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