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After reading so many post on piracy and how it is still taking place in many nations i would like to know "DOES GAME DEMO'S HELP INCREASING THE SALES OF THE GAMES OR INCREASING PIRACY?"
In india computer magzines provides CDS-DVDs with loads of demo's.....(like digit does). But then is it helping increase sales of Original stuff or pirated stuff? When the game is released, even if not in india there is pirated copy available in market, and going by so many posts on this forum in one of the thread, i guess people would be waiting for the pirated stuff to come in market...... :twisted: .......So r computer magazines (not just digit) helping piracy to increase or reduce it? THINK :!: :!: :!:


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I think they do neither. Demos are just intended to let people see how the game works/plays and what users can expect from the full version. Those who buy pirated games will buy them irrespective of whether they have played the demo or not. But Same case with those who buy original copies. They just help make decisions - doesn't matter which copy you buy or decide not to buy after playing the demo.


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@Nemesis you took all my words :).Have you seen the file size of the demos? big games usually range from 100MB to 700 MB or even more and thats just for the demo. even tough most of the Game demos are available for downloads but many of us will not have sufficent bandwidth or time to download these stuff. so Computer magazines provide demos in their CD/DVD. its good for us. Game demos helps the creators to show the potential of the game to the world. if people like the demo , they go and get the full version.


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From where I see it Demo's have a very fair share in promoting the sales.Buying the Pirated or Legit version is upto Oneself to decide.Plus it also helps us to figure out that wheter our system is capable of handling a particular game or not.For instance you are very naive at hardware changes in the market and pick up a latest title and Install it on your system only to realise that its not starting up on your PC/Lagging like hell.So with a thousand curses to yourself and the PC,You begin to relaise the importance of trying out a demo before actually buying the full game.Quite frankly after playing COD 2's Demo version I and My cousing had almost made up my mind to get the full version but postponed it due to some reasons.Plus If you are very unsure as to how good the game actually is You can always go ahead and try the demo to select the game.Buying Pirated or Legit version is a personal choice and as such Game demo's dont have any control over that.Its just a medium created by developers to promote their games.PERIOD.:D
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