1. ico

    AMD Ryzen thread

    AMD showed Blender and Handbrake demos recently and the 8C, 16T Ryzen barely edged the similarly clocked 8C, 16T Intel i7-6900K. What are your expectations? Finally some competition?
  2. Desmond

    Tech Demos Discussion Thread

    This thread is dedicated to sharing and discussing tech demos for various gaming engines. Some are listed below: Cryengine 4: * * Unread Engine 4 *
  3. Chetan1991

    In what language and tools are demos and cr@cker tools made?

    The intro demos and programs (such as trainers) that come with cr@cked games are very small in size. They also seem to be built in assembly and independent of external libraries like MVC or Cygwin. Does anybody knows what tools are available to create such demos and programs?
  4. N

    Mic for podcast/video demos

    I want to buy a new Microphone (preferably noise cancelling) to record podcast and video demos. quality is important. max budget is 3000 I checked FK and ebay but there are plenty. So I can't decide. Please help Anand
  5. L

    Different view in Mall and Home for 3D TVs?

    I have been to a nearby mall 2 days back and visited few showrooms and saw demos of a few 3D TVs. Some of the sales guy said that since it was an open light area, the effect was not that good. But should not we expect better view in all conditions? I have been to a nearby mall 2 days back and...
  6. D

    [Request]List of game demos on the dvd 2004 to 2008

    Hello. Do you know/have the list of game demos that have been released on the digt dvd. Around 2004 to 2008. Could you please provide me with the list. (It is racing game. It had a bmw m3 gtr in the demo.) Thanks in advance.
  7. D

    PS3 magazine

    Not sure if this has been posted before. Is there any gaming mag for ps3 specifically... Looking for demos and reviews/videos etc. in India
  8. soumya

    Samsung demos 82-inch 2160p HDTV

    And you thought your 1080p TV is great! *
  9. N

    Quake 3 a free game?

    I played Quake 3 demos earlier. Recently I knew its script is now available for free. So, does that mean its free? And if yes, can I have the installer(not source)?
  10. H

    Eye Delight 3D demos For You Gamers

    I found some scene demos which are not illegal and some were so totally stunning.I want you to try the best I found. I couldn't take the screenshot of the first one. Che Guevara By Fairlight- Zoom3-...
  11. Third Eye

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent Demos Available !

    UBISOFT has just released the two demos( Single Player & Multiplayer) of Double Agent. I will download it at night. To download go to __________ I have downloaded it(Single Player Demo) and i will add screens soon.
  12. Rollercoaster

    Which one is a better game- GRAW or COD2

    Guys i have an option between Call fo duty 2 and Tom Clancy's Ghost recon advanced warfighter. which of the two is better?? i havent played the demos so i dont know. Gamespot rating COD2-8.8 GRAW-7.3 seems like COD2 but i thought i'd ask...
  13. M

    I want to download FPS Games

    I want 2 download some FPS (World War Army) action games..... I checked a few sirtes on the net but found them to be too big Where can I find something btwn 20MB - 40MB Even demos would work If u have links plz. post/reply Thanks in anticipation Cheers , - Shreyas Bhide:neutral:
  14. wizrulz


    After reading so many post on piracy and how it is still taking place in many nations i would like to know "DOES GAME DEMO'S HELP INCREASING THE SALES OF THE GAMES OR INCREASING PIRACY?" In india computer magzines provides CDS-DVDs with loads of demo's.....(like digit does). But then is it...
  15. ctrl_alt_del

    Demo Central

    This thread is meant to be a central hub for posting the links to all the latest demos that hit the scene. I will be regularly updating ths thread as and when new demos are released. Each demo will be listed under its own post coupled with a few sceenshots to give you an idea of what the game is...
  16. kunwar

    What r the dvd and cd contents of march 05 issue?

    i am waitin' I recommend demos of SC:Chaos Theory and Star Wars: Battlefront
  17. kunwar

    Can a game have 2 or 3 different demos?

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