Digit CTC - III Discussion Thread!

Raaabo asks: Which CTC was the best so far in your opinion?

  • CTC I

    Votes: 9 26.5%
  • CTC II

    Votes: 8 23.5%

    Votes: 17 50.0%

  • Total voters
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What I guess is..

1: Amkette Flash TV HD

2 & 3rd: Wireless Combo

4th & 5th: Wireless Mouse

5th to 10th : All in one cleaning kit!


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Achuth said:
for the rest of them in top 10 - an XBOX
360 controller[for pc] what say ??
Its good. But the general Flash Tv gift is also good.

P.S: I want Digit to host an online gaming competition of free Fps games like Urban Terror :D


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is it true iphone 5 coming in sept also it has LTE (4G) Compatibility?

can anyone give me hint on last clue or that" u r very close"


All in one cleaning kit for 5-10th? i remember reading an article in DIGIT some months back, saying the so called "all in one cleaning kits" are useless...


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Congratulations to all the winners. But I have 1 question!

Assuming Kunal Dharamsi is kunal.d, what happened to the people who solved before him?


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No, I haven't won anything. I don't care about myself. But there are 4 more guys before kunal.d. Also as already pointed, where are no. 8,9 and 10. I have sent an email to the editor for the same and will tell you guys when I receive a reply.

@thetechfreak The first person who cracked the ctc is haunted guy. I was the 5th as per the list compiled by the ctc players.


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@viraniac me finishd 6th .. dint win nything
ppl who finishd after us won prices.. but not us.. WTF is happenin??
somthing wrong with the mail we sent ??
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