1. tamatarpakoda

    Official Digit CTC VI discussion thread (WARNING: SPOILERS HERE)

    All aboard the hype train! Leg 1 is live here Leg 2 is live here Leg 3 is live here ______________________________________________________ This space reserved for trolling, shit-posting and instructions. (Most probably in that order.)
  2. H

    Hey please anyone who is interested in CTC please reply or PM me.

    Hey please anyone who is interested in CTC please reply or PM me. Help me.
  3. R

    CTC gift

    Hey freinds, The serial key given to CTC winners is for Trend Micro Internet Security or Maximum Security???? And there is a sponsored Trend Micro in January 2013 DVD.Is it the full version for free?? Didnt know where to post this query so did it here :-?
  4. staticsid

    Official Digit CTC IV discussion thread - Last leg starts 6th Oct 2012

    Watch this space...
  5. KDroid

    Digit CTC - III Discussion Thread!

    Dust yourself off... it's time for CTC - III ! Incentives - Amkette Flash TV HD, Wireless Desktop Combo, All in one cleaning kit and Air Wireless Mouse! Let's put our brains to some exercise ! Eagerly waiting for the June edition!
  6. V

    CTC 3 discussion

    Hi All just seen ctc iii is there on anniversary edition. have fun cracking again !!!!
  7. onlyabhi

    DIGIT CTC 2 Discussion

    :flamewar: Hi Friends! Lets have a great time again by playing CTC 2. We all had a great time in Feb when sleepless nights & crackling moments made us enjoy so much. This is the time to feel the heat again.. oops its summer.. no worries, feel the thrill running down your spine...
  8. The CyberShot

    Digit CTC 2.0 - Unofficial gossip thread

    Hi guys, if you're here, then you've probably bought the February issue of Digit and tried the Digit Crack The Code (CTC) challenge. Some of you might have solved certain parts of it and then got stuck somewhere while some of you might have cracked the code in it's entirety, but all of you might...
  9. R


    Where can I get a good deal for computer hardware in hyderabad. I know CTC is the place to go. But there are too many shops in CTC. Please suggest me a couple of shops and if possible their contact numbers (so that i can check the availablity before going. Its far away from my place.) I am...
  10. P

    Hyderabad people i need some help

    Hi! i have been looking for water colling kit for system. i have checked at ctc but of no use any directions will be usefull.
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