Dell Inspiron 15r VS Sony Vaio E Series


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Finally I have decided to choose between 2 lappies:

1.Dell Inspiron 15r:3612qm(i7),7730m,4gigs ram,1366x768 disp,backlit kb=52k
2.Sony vaio e series:3612qm(i7),7650m,4gigs,1366x768 disp,backlit kb=55k

Which one should i go for considering
1.Durability and reliablity(prime imp.)
2.Performance(3 yrs mid settings gaming)

Dont bash Sony's overpriced and expensive aftersales.I have 25k separte for after sales.(company's grant,you see :-D:-D:-D)


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For gaming dell inspiron 15R SE is the first choice, don't expect vaio's HD 7650M for playing new games like max payne 3 in medium settings.


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I can even sarifice gaming,but zero tolerance for durability and reliability(shouldn't overheat>70 cels and must last 4 years )


as Kratos
Dell is better for service choose 3 years of accidental care and onsite warranty.
If anything happen dell will provide service and replacement parts for free.
Also inspiron remain under 70*C in gaming you can check review on inspiron thread.


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Even I am in the same dilemma..
Sony i think is durable at the same time Inspiron's GPU is faar better than Vaio's.

Adding to my dilemma i found Samsung series 5 550P Great GPU + Blu Ray + Reasonable price but lack of reliability and service centres...

What should i buy hugely confused.. :|:-?


as Kratos
For gaming samsung series 5 550p and better 300nit 900p display with in-built JBL speakers.
For better ASS dell inspiron, it is with complete cover that will be very useful thing.
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