1. A

    suggest a MOBO for AMD 6300/G.Skill DDR3(x2)/ATI R9 270X, 2GB DDR5/Antech VP550P V2

    My current MOBO- ASUS M5A97 R2.0 EVO has gone bad. Pls suggest a MOBO of mid range budget. Application : Mid level gaming - Playing Rise of Tomb Raider as of now. Plans to play Mafia3. Internet browsing. Torrent Downloading watching HD Movies. My config; CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core...
  2. Ricky

    Motherboard for i7 3rd gen

    Hi, I am looking to replace a motherboard for 3rd generation i7 processor. Looking forward a board which is gives most bang for money however, want to keep it to mid range though. Kindly advice.
  3. cyber_freak

    Planning to buy a mid range gaming laptop

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a mid range gaming laptop within a budget of 70-71K(max).I'd love it if it has a 17" screen if possible.1TB HDD with SSD and the laptop shouldnt get heated very soon.All the best specs within the price range if available,then i'll be a very happy man :).So guys,If there...
  4. sahil1033

    [Help] Budget laptop under 30k

    I need a budget laptop under 30k with moderate specifications. I have a desktop, so, I don't need high end laptop, just a mid range laptop for programming and light entertainment purposes. My preferences are: 1 TB HDD DOS Good keyboard (typing with ease, actually I had Lenovo E49 and it has...
  5. TechnoBOY

    best mid ranges smartphone

    which is the best mid ranged smartphone htc desire 816 or grand 2 0r nexus 5 .............
  6. L

    SSD for macbook pro 13 inch mid 2009 model

    Hi, I am having a MacBook pro 13 inch mid 2009 model with 4gb ram and 160gb 5400 rpm hard disk running mavericks os. I am in idea to replace my hard disk with a ssd drive around 120 gb for better performance. I think my laptop supports SATA 2 interface upto 3gb transfer speed. Can any one...
  7. I

    Low End Macbook vs Mid End Laptops

    What would you tech geeks go for? Mid end Laptops of Dell/HP/Lenovo/Samsung or Low end Macbook Air like this one...
  8. S

    thermalright true spirit 120m - CPU cooler not available in india?

    I am soon going to buy this CPU cooler but i cannot really find it on any Indian site. My case is a mid tower CM k350 so i cannot purchase CM hyper 212 evo because it wont fit but the thermalright true spirit 120m is equal to CM hyper 212 and is designed for mid tower cases but availability...
  9. suarezian

    [Want to Buy] PC cabinet

    Hi. I need a mid tower pc cabinet. Price should be around 1k
  10. A

    Mid Range Gamming Laptop 40k

    Hi guys, 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) INR 40,000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? Mid range gaming - latest title's under...
  11. S

    mid range gaming pc cabinet

    i want to buy a mid range gaming pc cabinet up to 40K.. plz suggest a good nice configuration for the same
  12. R

    Need Mid level gaming rig for 50k

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Mid level gaming, Not a hardcore gamer n all .. Watching HD...
  13. M

    All in One Printer Buying Advice

    I want to Buy a All in One Printer, Scannaer, Copier. Please tell me which is the best performer & durable in mid budget of 6-7k to buy?
  14. A

    I am going to buy a new CPU

    I am going to buy a new CPU , my confg.. is 1. AMD A10 5800k 2. ASROCK fm2a85x EXTREME 6 3. SATA 1 TB HDD 4. corsair VENGANCE 1600MH 4GB 5. COOLER MASTER ELITE 311 PLUS MID TOWER 6. COOLER MASTER 450 watt Supply 7. SAPPHIRE ATI HD6670 ANY SUGGESTION ?
  15. N

    need budget motherboard max 3k

    need a motherboard for my new amd fx 6100 and a budget mid gaming gpu .... I am thinking to buy nvidia gt 240 this is good for its price to play new games at low to mid setting I need a good budget am3+ motherboard which support o.c , usb 3.0,sata 6gbps max mobo budget 3.5k and total budget...
  16. gyanbhartip

    Amd a8-3870k

    Can AMD APU A8-3870K be used to build a mid range gaming rig?
  17. S

    Nzxt Phantom 410 OR Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced Mid Tower Cabinet

    1. Nzxt Phantom 410 OR 2. Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced Mid Tower Cabinet ??
  18. A

    Dell Inspiron 15r VS Sony Vaio E Series

    Finally I have decided to choose between 2 lappies: 1.Dell Inspiron 15r:3612qm(i7),7730m,4gigs ram,1366x768 disp,backlit kb=52k 2.Sony vaio e series:3612qm(i7),7650m,4gigs,1366x768 disp,backlit kb=55k Which one should i go for considering 1.Durability and reliablity(prime imp.)...
  19. D

    Need help....!

    Pls help me out. I am having a MID tablet(Devante MY TAB) version 2.3android with 3g +2g +wifi. 256mb ram and 4gb internal. Whenever i am trying to open any application/web browser/ apk manager/calender/android market its showing google com.android.***** has stopped unexpectdly. PLEASE GUIDE...
  20. J

    Max 43k Mid range gaming pc [help]

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are yougoing to run? . Ans: a mid range desktop for multimedia,gaming,full hd videos, i want high speed of responce machine. All the new games should run on it @ high configuration :) :D . . 2. What is your overall...
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