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  1. patkim

    Vaio - USB Mouse prevents standby mode

    I have Vaio VPCYB15AG with Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit. The laptop does not get into standby mode despite idle time reached when USB mouse is connected to it. Is this behavior 'by design' for laptops or a software/hardware bug? Remove the mouse and it goes to standby mode after specified idle time.
  2. patkim

    Vaio Laptop CPU temp 65C

    I have Sony Vaio VPCYB15AG more than 3 years old. Off lately it is heating up more than usual. A few times Win 7 has thrown BSOD 0x124. Speccy shows CPU temp in range of 65 to 70 C. HDD is okay at 40C. Is there any fix for such laptop heating issues? This is first time in past 3 years or so this...
  3. Mr.Kickass

    [Rumour Mill] VAIO might enter the smartphone market with a new phone

    Closely following reports about Sony's exit out of smartphone business, Vaio makes a re-entry. Next what, Cybershot and Playstation to get a makeover ? Just a passing thought.
  4. M

    Vaio Laptop problem

    I had bought Vaio SVS13112ENS laptop in August 2012. The Laptop had been working fine till October 2013 where after it refused to start without power supply. When it did boot I was shown the message that "The battery is not connected". I took the laptop to Sony Service Center where they told me...
  5. V

    Want to buy RAM for my Sony Vaio F15212

    Hi, i want to buy 4 GB RAM for my Sony Vaio SVF15212 Laptop i finalize "Gskill 4Gb X 1 Ddr3 1600Mhz Cl11" but i am confused between corsair and Gskill kindly suggest me better one. and also suggest me from where i get it in lower price I stay in Mumbai. Thanks
  6. anmolksharma

    Help regarding RAM upgrade in Sony Vaio E series.

    I have a Sony Vaio E series laptop purchased in Oct 2011. It has Intel i3 Processor 2.20 GHz & 2 GB DDR3 RAM. Though my system can handle softwares like VB Studio 2012, Eclipse Work-light etc without any complaints I was thinking If I should upgrade the RAM to higher capacity. I am running on 64...
  7. Dr. House

    Touchscreen not working in Vaio Fit

    Hello my friend has Vaio Fit laptop. For all who don't know Vaio Fit is a 15.6" touchscreen windows 8 laptop. The problem is it's touch has stopped working now. Any solution to fix?
  8. bubusam13

    Someone help me buy

    Hi Guys, I need this keyboard silicon skin for my Vaio E series 15 inch one. I searched few shops locally at Guwahati, but unable to find it for my Vaio. I found one seller in eBay but he is not shipping east due to shipping delay as per him (normally I get products in 3 days). I will be...
  9. R

    Sony Vaio or other

    I an looking to buy a laptop. can someone advise me some if vaio will be a good option or not? budget is 40k to 50k inr.
  10. P

    Best balanced Laptop at Rs.45000

    I have some best advices from Digit members from the past & I am again looking for the Same thing from your side. I need a best performing (non-gaming laptop) at the budget of Rs.45000.I do not prefer ULV processors since it seems a bit costlier & underperformer compared to Mobile(M series)...
  11. patkim

    where to get privacy filter for laptop screen

    Looking for privacy filter for Sony vaio netbook. I am unable to find any online..also retailer from where I purchased is not having any idea. Does anyone know where can I get it for Sony Vaio netbook / or equivalent for 11.6" screen and how much it could cost. Thanks.
  12. V

    macbook pro (13.3" without retina) or Sony vaio SVS15125

    Hi.. I have been trying to look for a suitable and reliable laptop from long time. Also I have already filled questionare n stuff but no help. Now I have somehow shortlisted this Sony vaio laptop according to my needs. Sony VAIO S15125CN Laptop (3rd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 750GB/ Win8/ 2GB Graph) -...
  13. P

    Sony Vaio SVE14A15FNW[ SandyBridge] Review-..Fits for All

    I have been searching for a new laptop since my 7 year old Desktop died a few months ago.I do have a year old Dell XPS 15z at my home which belongs to my brother.Since a year,my main PC is the Dell PC,missing at some regular intervals.Finally ,I decided to go for a Dell PC,but budget laptops of...
  14. S

    Laptop 50-60k 3rrd Gen Ci7 for software engineer

    Kindly help me choose a laptop Main focus on good and cheap service Extra warranty Build Quality Battery Laptops I found: HP Pavilion G6-2236TX Asus K55VM-SX086D (I am getting this for 50000) Sony VAIO SVE14117GNB sony vaio e15129cn Sony VAIO SVE-15138 Laptop Which brand...
  15. B

    Help Needed to buy Laptop Which to Choose Sony or Dell or any other

    Below is the list of 4 Laptops that i have shortlisted for me , buy i am not sure which one to buy whether Dell is Good or Sony is Better My requirement is i7 - 3rd Gen - Quad Core With Hyperthreading Minimum 1GB Dedicated Graphics Card Operating System is not a Problem , Laptop can come...
  16. A

    Cooling Pad for Sony Vaio Laptop. Budget 1K Max

    For nearly one years I am playing games on my Sony Vaio CB 45 laptop without any cooling pad. As it is having good cooling, it did not heat up a lot. But now a days, it is heating up ,may be because of using third party graphics driver(Unifl) or my HD is almost full. So I want to buy a...
  17. R

    having issue of lagging

    hi i m having issue with my vaio lagging during the game it was not happening before but now days it happens often so please can anybody help me it happens when i play some online games on facebook and also when i play Commnado Strike force and Age of empires am i having problem with my graphics...
  18. H

    Laptop Buying Advise: Budget 50-65k

    Hi friends, My firend wants to buy a laptop. Her requirement is normal.. browsing... movie watching etc. Screen size requirement is 13-14 inches She is more interested on Sony Vaio laptops/lenovo or apple(but mac book pro or Apple macbook is out of budget) My personal experience with...
  19. C

    Sony LaPTOPS ........reviews/ experience/discussions/find your sony lappy.

    Im looking for a sony laptop with the following specs 15-16inch screen i3 3rd gen 4gb ram 1gb graphics card dvd drive 500gb or more harddisk usb 3.0 win7 or 8 i need the full model name plzz..........i have found SVE15126CN till now which a awesome buy for rs-39000 with no...
  20. C

    Replacing internal hard drive of Vaio?

    Does anyone know if its possible to replace the stock 320 gig hard drive I have inside my Vaio( VPCEB34EN) with a 500 GB/1 TB one? Also the price please if you know. I talked to the service centre, and they said they could do it, but it would cost me around a ridiculous 8k. Thanks.
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