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deactivate "show hidden folders"

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He didnt ask how to enable/disable.. but how to de-activate... that is No one else than him can switch that option... :)


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I have done this simple trick to achieve this long back. Smart asses may still be able to bypass this. Here is what to do

Go to Start > Run > type "Regedit" without quotes, this brings up registry editor. Click on Hkey_Local_Machine and Press Ctrl+f then type

Do not show hidden files and folders

Hit enter and the exact search result will be in some location like

Hkey_Users\s bla bla bla bla\Microsoft\windows\ShellNoRoam\MUICache"

Edit Three keys here:

1. @shell32.dll,-30499 > Hidden files and folders
2. @shell32.dll,-30500 > Show hidden files and folders
3. @shell32.dll,-30501 > Do not show hidden files and folders

Dont edit anything starting from @ till number ending. Edit under "Date" tab. Rename it to watever you like. Name it completely different Like " Redhat Linux" "Macintosh" "Apple Ipod" :D:D but do remember :D

Dont know anyother way :?

Edit: Screen Shot

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