1. kool

    How to deactivate FACEBOOK more than 7 days ? :(

    Hi guys, I am wasting too much time on facebook, I want to deactivate for more than 7 Days (till diwali), but now there is no such option. :( It gets reactivated after 7 days, what If I use other option to deactivate , will it delete my account permanently ? At present i have deactivated...
  2. T

    BSNL Hello tune not deactivating..

    I am not able to deactivate BSNL hello tune..I ve sent so many messages but all failed.. PLZ. tell me what is the exact message to deactivate the hello tune from BSNL postpaid mobile..
  3. R

    Airtel daily MO rs.10/day deactivation

    i got an offer sms from airtel for their rs.10/3mb daily pack.i thought i'd just check some info about it.but it got activated :mad: now i dunno how to deactivate it. i live in mumbai and the activation code was *567*11#
  4. G

    Airtel Codes

    Account Balance ; *123# Customer Care : 121 Jokes : Open New Message TYPE joke/jokes send to 170 To Know about recharge coupon : <type RC amount> as a new message send to 170 To know about your tariff...
  5. kkg_mjh

    How to activate / deactivate !DEA GPRS ???

    i talked with CC yesterday regarding Rs 5 per day plan they told me to activate this plan i need to seng GPRS 2 to 4666 but wat a bloddy hell I've been charging on per KB basis . Kindly can any one tell me how to deactivate their GPRS scheme also how to activate Rs 5 scheme
  6. M

    Need help regarding MO

    I wanted to know whether i can activate it according to my needs and deactivate it so....with not much time today i wanted to use it..i sms and start the service and 15 buks gets deducted and i can use it right now.....than deactivate it in night....than again activate it whenever i...
  7. S

    deactivating gprs in airtel

    how to deactivate mobile office. i can't approach cc.
  8. S

    how can i deactivate mobile office

    how can i deactivate mobile office if cc is not responding as dialing 121 asks to send an sms to 121 which perhaps doesn't there any other no. to contact cc?
  9. S

    How to deactivate airtel gprs

    Hi, I am using Airtel Prepaid in karnataka.I used wap/gprs in my mobile.I activated by PLIVE to 222.It was not working properly.I want to deactivate GPRS.If anyone know how to deactivate gprs,Kindly inform me. Thanks & Regards, Sasidhar.
  10. K

    How to deactivate E-mail alerts for pm?

    ThinkDigit forum sends me an e-mail reminding me that i have a personal message in my inbox. The thing is i visit this forum more often than i check my mail. Hence i don't need to be reminded of a new pm by mail since i come to know of it whenever i visit this forum. So is there any way to...
  11. J

    deactivate "show hidden folders"

    how can i deactivate "show hidden folders" from the 'Folder options'???
  12. anispace

    deactivating hutchworld

    how can i deactivate hutchworld??
  13. A

    Samsung Codes

    *2767*688# = Unlocking Code *#8999*8378# = All in one Code *#4777*8665# = GPSR Tool *#8999*523# = LCD Brightness *#8999*3825523# = External Display *#8999*377# = Errors #*5737425# = Java Serial *#2255# = Call List #*536961# = Java Status Code #*536962# = Java Status Code #*536963# =...
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