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Dangerous Dave

Discussion in 'Gamerz' started by Prashray, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. Prashray

    Prashray New Member

    May 18, 2004
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    Locating....Locating....Access Denied!
    Has anybody got any cheats for the retro kinda game called Dangerous Dave?
    I don't want any hints like how to go in warp zones, etc. but has anybody got the cheats for it?
    I searched for it in the Cheatbopok Database 2004 but got only hints which I already knew.
    If anybody knows some cheats for making Dave invincible, etc. then please tell.


  2. mariner

    mariner New Member

    Dec 21, 2003
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    why do u need cheats for such a simple game ?
  3. drgrudge

    drgrudge Another Brick in the Wall

    Jul 21, 2004
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    i dont think anyone play dave in the age of half life and doom
  4. [deXter]

    [deXter] New Member

    Dec 24, 2003
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    Man I used to play Dave all the time back in the old days- Its been almost 13 years now and I still can get past level 6! Damn.. :)

  5. prakhar_agrawal

    prakhar_agrawal New Member

    Oct 31, 2004
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    it is very simple saying that but there wll be very few among us who have passed all the 10 levels. in those"old days" dave was euivalent to todays CS and UT
  6. xenkatesh

    xenkatesh Bewitched!

    Feb 7, 2004
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    Ahhhhhh sto that dudes i ant even cross the level 5 but i often completed all the latest games!!! errrrrr...... even doom wasnt tough for me But........ dave cant able to finish........
  7. kl_ravi

    kl_ravi New Member

    Dec 29, 2003
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    ತುಮಕೂರು, ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ
    Ah !! Nice to see a thread on Dangerous Dave. :D

    I am a great admirer of Side Scrolling Games. I still like playing side scrolling games :D

    (P.S:- My age is 28 years and I am an Engineer from Bangalore !!!) :twisted:

    But Prashray.. There are no cheats for Dangerous Dave, Neighter can you save the game at the end of each level. If you loose all 3 lives you have to start from 1st level. But don't worry, There is a walkthrough which can help you to cross each level. You can click the below link to download the same :)


    Surprised to see dexter and others unable to go past 5th level. The game is interesting from 6th level onwards with invisible ledges and other fire spitting creatures. :D

    Do mail me at kl_ravi@fastmail.us so that i can send you the screenshots of the game.

    Others who have not tried this game can give it a try. Its worth it !!! Download this game from the link below....

    Prashray, I also suggest you to try Jasper's Journey another game similar and more interesting than Dangerous dave. You can download this game from the above link........
  8. lywyre

    lywyre Active Member

    Aug 18, 2004
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    Chennai/Vellore, TN
    As far as I knew, there is no cheats. I have still not crossed 7th level. A nice retro game.
  9. game_dev

    game_dev New Member

    Nov 3, 2004
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    I have completed the game. The last level is quite difficult, especially the coin monsters.
  10. OP

    Prashray New Member

    May 18, 2004
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    Locating....Locating....Access Denied!
    Even I have reached only till the 8th level.
    I thought that there maybe no cheats for this game and maybe my thought was right as I can see it. ;)
  11. OP

    Prashray New Member

    May 18, 2004
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    Locating....Locating....Access Denied!
    Speak for yourself m8 because there are many people who still like games like Ddave. :D
  12. OP

    Prashray New Member

    May 18, 2004
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    Locating....Locating....Access Denied!
    Speak for yourself m8 because there are many people who still like games like Ddave. :D
  13. djmykey

    djmykey Let the music play.....

    Dec 14, 2003
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    me too likes dave and like dexy cant go past level 6............
  14. ishaan

    ishaan New Member

    Feb 28, 2004
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    New Delhi
    i loved dave...i couldnt get past level 7 tho...
    even today...if you go to Vasant Valley School in New Delhi...u will find many copies of dave (alongwith q3a) in the school network which ppl hav managed 2 sneak in 2 play during those maths classes lol
  15. kl_ravi

    kl_ravi New Member

    Dec 29, 2003
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    ತುಮಕೂರು, ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ
    I had posted the link to a walkthrough above... That link is not working. So I would like to copy and paste a walkthrough for this game below...

    [insert rockin' ASCII title here]

    Dangerous Dave
    Version 1.00
    by GeoX
    Ides of March, 2001

    Table of Contents

    Gameplay Mechanics
    Level One
    Level Two
    Level Three
    Level Four
    Level Five
    Level Six
    Level Seven
    Level Eight
    Level Nine
    Level Ten
    Bonus Area One
    Bonus Area Two
    Bonus Area Three
    Bonus Area Four
    The Sequels
    Legal Crap
    Random Quotes


    Dangerous Dave is a little DOS-based shareware action game written back
    in the day (i.e., 1990) by John Romero (and published by some outfit
    called Softdisk), who possibly went on to found Id Software. Or
    possibly not. Who cares? I hate first-person shooters anyway. Bah,
    humbug. But Dave is a fun game. When I was in eighth grade, it was
    one of the games on the school's computer (along with this game where
    you're a flyswatter and you have to kill bugs, this game where you're a
    miner and your goal—I kid you not—is to get enough money from finding
    gold and silver and whatnot to employ the services of an expensive
    prostitute ('Mimi'), and friggin' Captain Comic). Bleh. Dave was the
    best, I have to say. We were all really, really bad at it, for some
    reason. A few of us (not me) did beat it eventually, but it was far
    from ever being a certain thing. But we liked it!
    Fast forward seven years, and I stumble upon the game at some
    abandonware site or other. Huzzah! How could I possibly resist? So,
    I download it and proceed to play it with a frightening level of
    obsession; at first I still have trouble winning, but I improve much
    with practice, and, now that I've reached the point where I can pretty
    consistently beat it with my points maxxed out, I decided you would all
    undoubtedly want to know all about it. You're welcome.

    Gameplay Mechanics

    There's some sort of obscure background story, where you're going
    through 'Clyde's Hideout.' Whoa...could this be Clyde, a.k.a. Shadow,
    from FFVI?!? You never actually meet this mysterious individual, so
    let's just assume it is, eh? Good.
    DD features ten 'normal' levels and four bonus rooms. To leave
    the level you're in (regular or bonus) you have to pick up a gold
    trophy that'll be lying around somewhere in the level and then go
    through the exit door. Leaving a level nets you two thousand points,
    unless you're just entering a bonus area. K.
    Left and right move you—wait for it—left and right (and down, if
    you're flying). Up lets you jump. The Ctrl key activates your jetpack
    (if you have one) to let you fly, and the Alt key fires your gun (if
    you have one). And that's about it. Simple, eh?
    A few other things: if you stand in front of a tree, you can
    climb it by pressing up. If you're positioned properly, you'll
    actually *climb;* if not you just sort of jump up and fall down once
    you reach the top (the falling being slowed if you're 'on' the tree as
    you're going down. You can also do this jumping thing on the stars
    that appear in the sky in several places ('fly me to the moon...').
    You can kill enemies by either shooting them (only one bullet
    allowed onscreen at a time) or, if you're feeling reckless, crashing
    head-on into them, which, naturally, kills you as well as them. And
    you do not get points for irresponsible kamikaze tactics like this. So
    take heed.
    On jumping: when you jump, you need to push forward to go
    forward. Naturally. If you hold it down, you'll fall at an angle, but
    as soon as you let go of it, you'll go straight down. All righty then.
    In some of the later levels, there are illusory platforms that
    look real but are not. There's no way to distinguish them from normal
    ground, and some of them are above fatal pits. If you fall into one
    without a jetpack, you can't do much except swear can call the game
    'cheap' (which it really is in places, to be honest). Okay.
    A brief jetpack-related note: if you push the button to activate
    it, and then die before it comes on, it'll do it on your next life as
    soon as you stop blinking. This can be a sizable fuel-waster if you're
    not ready to turn it off immediately, so be forewarned.
    As for scoring, you get various amounts of points for killing
    various enemies and grabbing various treasures (see below for specific
    point values). You start with four lives (one active, three extra),
    and every time you nab twenty-thousand points, you get a one-up—only,
    however, if you have less lives than you started with; if you've got
    the full four, you don't get a dern thing.
    The points max out at 99,999, which is really not very hard to
    get to if you exploit the second bonus room (see the appropriate
    section) to the fullest. And when you do reach it, strange things
    happen with the one-up gaining system: you immediately gain one as soon
    as you hit the max, but it doesn't end there. For some reason, you can
    get at least two additional lives with points—and mind you, it's not
    that the game is keeping score but just not showing you. I think only
    large point-accumulators will get you it, and you don't get it EVERY
    time you pick one up, but sometimes you do. Furthermore—and this is
    the part that really matters—you also get one-ups for picking up the
    non-point accruing guns and jetpacks. And yes, I'm almost positive
    that you get one EVERY time you pick one or the other up. Whee! I
    assume this is nothing more than a rather bizarre bug, but I do indeed
    like it...


    Purple Orbs—50
    Blue Diamonds—100
    Red Diamonds—150


    Spiders—a pair of these lurk in level three. They spin around in
    vaguely ovoid circuits and shoot at you. 300 points.
    Purple blade thing—this gets in your way in the fourth level, spinning
    in a circle around a series of platforms and shooting at you. No gun;
    ergo, no points.
    Red sun things—there are four of these in level five. Whee! They spin
    around in a wavy kind of way and shoot at you (sense a pattern?). 500
    Green baton things—Four of 'em in level six. They go back and forth
    from left to right and shoot. 600 points.
    Cloud thingies—These bastards lurk in level seven. Another four.
    They're the typical spinning, shooting type of enemy—a little hard to
    hit because they're kinda small. 700 points.
    Brown UFO Things—In level eight. Three of 'em. They spin and shoot,
    sort of wobbling as they go. 800 points.
    Wee Green Blobbies—ninth level foes. Four, again. They go back and
    forth shooting. No gun means no killin'. For points, 'tany rate.
    Grey Disc Things—In the last level. Another batch of four; another
    left-right/shoot type. Ho hum. 1000 points.

    Level One

    Um...I sure HOPE you're not having trouble here. It's one small room.
    There's no way to die. Just grab the treasure and get out. Sheesh.

    Level Two

    Well, unlike the first level, it is in fact possible to die here, if
    you fall into the lava or the water. Still, it's not bloody likely,
    unless you foolishly try to obtain the jewels which are impossible to
    get without falling. I have no idea what 'PCR' stands for, by the way—
    presumably an obscure message of some sort from the author…

    Level Three

    This is probably the first level where you can legitimately die without
    deserving to have people derisively laugh at you. When jumping over
    the weirdweeds (not my name...I know this was mentioned SOMEWHERE, but
    for some reason now I can't find it. Hmm…), don't push the right
    button until you're entirely clear of them. Otherwise, you can easily
    crash into them and die ignominiously. As for the spiders, stay back—
    don't charge them; once you reach the screens on which they appear,
    keep as far back as possible. Well…you CAN get close if you so desire,
    but this way you have more time to react. You just have to time your
    shots right to take them out—nothing too hard; you'll get the hang of
    it. When you get to the final section, jump onto the first platform,
    then up and over, going straight down just to the right of the second
    one. For beginners, it's easy to not let go of the directional pad and
    accidentally hit the lava. Bleh. Oh, and don't fly out to the right—
    all you'll get for your troubles is one single damned purple orb, and
    you'll run out of jetpack and screw yourself over into the bargain.
    Those enclosed scepters in the alcove bother me—I feel like there ought
    to be some way to get at them (possibly from one of the bonus areas),
    but I can't for the life of me figure it out. Of course, the other
    possibility is that they're just there to lure avaricious treasure
    hunters to their doom looking for a way to get them. A stratagem that
    isn't likely to work more than once, but still—pretty tricky, Mr.

    Level Four

    BOY, was this one a sticking point for us back in the day! It's really
    not hard, but—well, at the time, we were flummoxed. First of all,
    don't try to immediately get the cup; the blocks are positioned in such
    a way that there's no way to avoid immolating yourself on the way.
    Nope, you need a jetpack for this 'un. So, you'll have to explore
    further on. The purple blade thing is what really gave us trouble:
    getting past it unscathed seemed damn near impossible. Of course, at
    this point I've become so cavalier about the whole thing that I
    generally don't even bother to try—I just immediately crash into it,
    thus eliminating the threat. What the hell—if you grab all the
    treasure, you'll earn a one-up by the time you leave the level anyway.
    Still, if you don't fancy that, it's not too bad.
    Okay, here's the scoop, daddy-o: it moves in a counterclockwise
    direction, spraying beams. The relevant point is when it reaches the
    three o'clock point, it'll shoot one. Now, it varies from time to time
    where it shoots, exactly: usually, it hits the blue platform, but
    sometimes it goes one space over it. It doesn't alternate or anything
    though, so never fear: whatever you see it doing, it'll keep doing.
    Now, it shoots another beam at the nine o'clock position; once this is
    out of the way, jump up onto the platform. If the three o'clock beam
    is—as it usually is—the lower one, you can wait for it to hit the wall
    before dropping down onto the lower step on the right. If it's the
    high one, you'll have to immediately go down to avoid it; don't worry,
    as long as you don't get scared, you'll easily make it. Once down,
    just wait 'til the monster passes by you, then quickly jump up to the
    middle ledge, and from there to the other side. Bam, you're there.
    Now it's pretty easy: just head to the right, picking up what
    jewels you can without losing a life, and pick up the jetpack. A
    little power-saving glitch: for the vertical tunnel between two walls
    with three blue diamonds in it, you can stand on the ground directly to
    the left of the right side, then jump up and hold down the right
    button. Let go of it when you pass the gap, and you should find
    yourself standing on the low platform. Now, you can just keep jumping,
    and you'll climb to the top, somehow. Why this doesn't work in any
    other, similar situations is anyone's guess. Another thing: the red
    jewel over the square of water in the alcove is attainable without the
    jetpack if you're careful, but it's an iffy thing. No real point to
    At this point, you can either clean up the entire section of
    jewels (judiciously using the jetpack to get the otherwise inaccessible
    ones) now, or you can do it after you've gone back and gotten the
    trophy. To get back, stand on the top ledge next to the spinning blade
    section, then, as soon as he (why am I giving gender to objects which
    are clearly neuter?) passes by next to you, activate the jetpack and
    head left (don't go TOO quickly, or you may accidentally run into IT).
    Turn it of when you reach the high ledge with a blue jewel. Now, you
    can use the jetpack to get the trophy. Yay! Now, just head back to
    the right, bypassing the blade thang the same way you did earlier, go
    all the way to the right, and through the door.

    Level Five

    Bonus level time! You can access Bonus Area One by climbing the tree
    and jumping off to the left at the top of the screen (or you can jump
    to the right, later on). If you want to maximize your point-getting
    potential—and this applies to all the bonus areas—clear out the entire
    level first and then go in; when you leave the bonus stage you'll start
    at the beginning of said level, thus allowing you to get double the
    points. Whee! Of course, there's not much point (haha) to this, since
    it's so easy to max out your points in Bonus Area Two, but hey, knock
    yourself out!
    And now, the level. I used to almost invariably lose a life to
    the first red sun thing, so I would hold off getting some of the items
    in the previous stage so as to be able to recover the lost life. Then
    I realized that it's not exactly hard: the sun moves counterclockwise;
    stand on the low platform to the left and, as soon as the monster
    passes the nine o'clock position (or slightly before), jump over and
    down, grab the gun, and jump to the right ledge. Now you'll be
    standing on a ledge with a red sun on either side, but there's no need
    to panic—neither one can hit you where you're standing. Calmly shoot
    them one after the other and proceed.
    As you jump to the next few platforms, be careful: you can
    sometimes sort of get caught on the stars above, which can screw up the
    positioning of your jumps and send you to your doom if you're not
    careful. Once you reach the next screen, there's another sun; take it
    down and continue, grabbing the jetpack. Incidentally, sometimes—and I
    don't know what causes it—my jetpack seems to have just…disappeared.
    At first I thought this might have been caused by flipping back out to
    Windows, but I've been unable to make it happen intentionally. I don't
    think I've ever had it happen anywhere but in this stage, though.
    It's not a big deal if it happens—you don't need it to pass the level—
    but it kinda sucks anyway. K.
    Anyway, if you want to take the easy path, just jet up and land
    on the platform at the top of the screen; from there you can just head
    uneventfully across the level, then drop down into the exit (or enter
    the bonus area you haven't already). Otherwise, jump across the
    platforms over the lava. Reaching the first one can be a little dicey
    because the way the things are positioned, it's impossible to drop
    straight down onto it, but it shouldn't be too bad; just use a few
    second of jetpack if you have trouble. You might as well also use it
    to grab the red diamond over the lava and the blue one over the water—
    it's not as if you have much other use for it.
    Once you hit the next screen, you'll be confronted with the final
    red sun thing (such vivid names I've given the enemies, eh?). It can
    shoot at you from where you're standing on the ground, but it's pretty
    simple to jump over the projectiles. Just don't stand in front of the
    tree, or you can accidentally start climbing it when you jump, possibly
    messing you up and putting you in the way of another bullet. Now,
    simply jump or jetpack up to the exit. La.

    Level Six

    No need to panic: just get the jetpack; then, timing it to avoid the
    green baton thing, activate it for the half-second necessary to get the
    gun. If you're fast enough, the jetpack meter won't decrease at all.
    If you so desire, you can use a few extra seconds to get the blue
    diamonds, but you might want to hold off on that—the jetpack is
    absolutely necessary to passing this level, so you want to preserve it.
    You can come back if you have a surplus after getting the trophy (which
    you should if you're at all competent, but you never know). Shoot the
    green baton thing and proceed.
    Once you hit the next screen, you'll see another GBT in a pit.
    There's no real need to kill it, but it's easy enough to do if you feel
    like it. Just to be safe, you know. It shoots one projectile just as
    it's reaching the left of its enclosure, and another just as it's
    heading back. After it lets off the second of these, just drop down
    and shoot it. Now, jump to the red platform, and from there, jump up
    and right, squeezing off a shot as soon as you enter the next screen.
    That'll take out the next GBT.
    This next section can seem hard, but if you stay cool it's not so
    awful. Standing on the ledge to the left of the pit, activate the
    jetpack, position yourself over the hole, and drop down. If you can
    tell that the GBT is going to be to the left of you when you hit the
    ground, just hit the ground and quickly take it out. Otherwise,
    jetpack again, wait 'til it is, and do the same. Grab the trophy, then
    head up via the right passage to save jetpack. You'll probably want to
    get the rings and crowns in the right section amongst the weirdweed.
    If this is the case, jump to the right. If you jump at the very last
    moment, you can safely land on the platform with the two rings; if not,
    jetpack up there before hitting the weeds. Then get the crowns on the
    right ledges, drop down and get the one to the left of the weirdweed
    where a crown is, jet to the left, get the last crown, then up via
    jetpack, grabbing the ring, and back out to the left. Groovy. Now
    back to the beginning, riding over the water with your trusty jetpack,
    and onwards!
    SUPER MEGA ULTRA BONUS CHEAT: I can't believe it took me so long
    to figure this out...if you jetpack over the water and to the door
    without getting the trophy, you can pass it and get onto the top of the
    level. From there, head to the right for a while; soon enough, you'll
    reach the end of the level, and on the other side of that—bonus area
    two. The most lucrative stage in the game, early. You can clear it
    out and exit through the bonus room's door, and you'll still be able to
    visit it as per usual through the warp zone in level eight, for twice
    the cash. Now you can bypass all the other treasure in the whole damn
    game and still max out your score with the greatest of ease! Whee!

    Level Seven

    That's right: it's not just a really depressing anti-nuclear
    novel by Mordecai Roshwald. It's a whole new adventure, jam-packed
    with thrills, spills, and fun! Don't miss it!
    This first part can be ANNOYING. Drop down, then, when the cloud
    thingie is out of the way, grab the gun and quickly retreat. When you
    turn around to face the beast, do it VERY carefully—just a light tap on
    the right button; you can accidentally hit the weirdweed with a little
    too much ease if you're not careful. When gunning for the cloud, wait
    until it's on its way down. You can get hit otherwise. After taking
    it out, jump to the second and then third platforms, and jump up to
    shoot the second cloud. Again, only shoot when it's going down.
    When you reach the next screen, be a little careful— the cloud
    thingie can hit you from where you're standing. It's not really
    necessary, but if you want to you can jump down to the bottom and
    attack from there. It won't be able to get you, and it is
    significantly easier to hit. Get the jetpack and, if it strikes your
    fancy, go back and get the scepter in the previous screen. You don't
    need to fly to get it, but you do to escape from the pit where it lies.
    Now, jump from the top of the tree to the right, activating your
    jet at the top. Head to the right, bypassing the next cloud (if you
    want to kill it, stand on the platform to the left of the fire, but be
    careful; you'll have to be fairly quick to dodge its fire from such a
    close distance). Drop down onto the first purple platform on the next
    screen. Careful—illusion platforms here lie. Specifically, the one
    above the rightmost lava and the one over the water with the purple
    diamond on it are as nonexistent as…well, I might offend someone if I
    said that. Not that I have a problem with offending people per se,
    but...well. Forget it. But do be careful. Once you have the cup,
    jump to the right side of the left platform with fire in the middle,
    and from there up and over to the next screen and straight through the
    door. Booyah!

    Level Eight

    The section of platform two squares to the left of the ring is fake, so
    jump over it to grab said treasure. On the next screen, all the
    single-square platforms are real, so carefully jump over them and get
    the jetpack; then double back and pick up the gun—the left side of the
    two-square platform next to it IS fake, though, so you'll need to jump
    from the right side. Okay.
    There's no need to if you don't want to, but you can go through
    the middle passage marked with purple orbs if you want a few extra
    points. Careful, though—the brown UFO thing can shoot at ground level.
    Rarely, and you'll be tempted to think never, but it DOES happen, so
    don't be off your guard. Once you've killed it, get the crown and the
    extra jetpack—not that you're likely to NEED an extra at this point,
    but regardless...
    Now head back and use the jetpack to position yourself over the
    hole in the lava and fall down. Bonus area alert! Just go left on the
    top section and drop down into it. It's a pretty ridiculous bonus
    level, with enough treasure to make everything else basically
    irrelevant (especially if you already used the level six cheat), but
    what the hell—you know you want it. Check the appropriate section for
    After engaging in this sybaritic orgy of sheer mindless
    acquisition (or not), head down the passage. This part's actually
    kinda tricky—there's a certain amount of luck involved, even if you
    theoretically know exactly what you're doing. Stand next to the right-
    most patch of weeds (the one directly over the jetpack. Not that you'd
    have trouble figuring that out, but, well, you know…I don't respect
    your intelligence THAT much), and jump to the right. Aim so as to go
    straight down into the gap next to the metal platform. You can land on
    said platform if you want, but there's a chance that if you do you'll
    take a bullet with no way to defend yourself. Jump up and, when the
    chance presents itself, shoot the bastard. Yeah! Might as well go
    down and get the scepter and jetpack (why did John assume we'd need so
    amazingly much jetpack in THIS level, in particular? None of the
    others have extras...).
    This next part really annoys me: as soon as you enter the next
    screen—surprise!—a brown UFO thing leaps to the attack. Well…it's
    there. And it attacks. It may not exactly leap, but…bleh. Usually,
    you'll be able to take it out cleanly, but occasionally it'll get off a
    really cheap shot that you won't be able to jump because you're under
    the metal ledge. You can go over it instead, but then you're not very
    maneuverable either—I think here, the best strategy is the time-honored
    'hope for the best'. You'll usually be able to kill it. Probably.
    And hey—once you do, you're home free! Just head right, up the tree,
    and through the door.

    Level Nine

    This stage may seem hard and cheap at first, but once you know what
    you're doing, it's as easy as pie. Easy pie. VERY easy pie. Oh yes
    indeed. It's short, too—only the first level has less to it.
    When you start, go right; the platform directly beneath you is a
    fake. I'd say that's pretty cheap, if easily avoided. Then jump onto
    the high segments to the right, keeping in mind that the left half of
    it is also non-corporeal. Now, you could head right towards the wee
    green blobbies (anyone who can tell me where I got that name from wins
    a lovely hand-crafted kewpie doll, by the way), but that's hard and
    you'll die, so don't. Instead, go down through the gap in the lava.
    It's a little tricky: first, wait until a shot comes past so as not to
    get hit. It's difficult to fall straight down here, so you'll usually
    have to sort of quickly go back and forth to avoid the flames. Not
    that bad, though. Go left for Bonus Area Three (not that you'll need
    it at this point), and right for the exit.
    When you get to the edge of the ledge (whee!), you need to (well,
    you don't technically *need* to, but it would be kinda hard if you
    didn't…) drop down onto the thin purple platform. It can be sort of
    hard to judge where you're falling since you'll be off the screen,
    but…well, do your best and stuff. Just have a care and it's not that
    bad, eh? Nab the trophy. Now another somewhat difficult jump: you
    want to land on the brown segment right next to the wee green blobbie—
    but not TOO close, or it can run into you. Next, across the bridge.
    This can seem maddening at first, due to the ever-popular not-there
    floor tiles, but if you get it down right, you can easily make it every
    time. Simply jump as far as you possibly can to the right without
    stepping off the brown platform. From there, it's just a quick and
    easy jump to the safety of the other brown platform. La.
    Now, onto the nearest purple platform. The second one is a fake,
    so just jump through it to the third. The two-segment one next to it
    is all real, so go there, then up to the next and then to the next. As
    for the next two-segment jobbie, the first section is bad, so land on
    the second. Same with the next one, and the one-segment bit to next to
    the exit section is, yes indeed, also double-plus ungood. You can tell
    I'm searching desperately for words to describe the fake platforms,
    can't you? Ah well—just jump straight through the exit from here.

    Level Ten

    Ooh! The FINAL LEVEL! Only one thing left between you and ETERNAL
    VICTORY! Are you nervous? Well? Are you? Huh huh huh? Actually,
    this level can be a tidge hard. But hey—that's what I'm here for. You
    can always count on my expert assistance in these matters. <Might and
    Magic II>Forward into battle!</Might and Magic II>
    I should hope that the path to Bonus Area Four seems painfully
    obvious to you—as soon as you drop down onto the ceiling, head left.
    Brilliant, eh? Otherwise, right. Don't try to get the crowns and
    scepters without a jetpack. Nope: just head down the lower path and
    take the gun, making sure not to hit the lava. Duh. Then, back up.
    This next section could very easily get you killed, but not with me
    here! Oh yeah baby!
    Don't even THINK about jumping down onto the purple platform
    whilst the Grey Disc Thing is there. You will die. Well, you COULD
    survive, but the odds would not be in your favor. Nope—just stand
    right next to the wall, jump up, and let out a bullet directly over it.
    There—all gone. Now aren't you glad I was here to tell you that?
    You'd probably have lost all your lives trying to do it the tough guy
    way had you been on your own. I think some gesture of appreciation is
    in order, don't you? Especially once I give you the goods on crossing
    this scary-looking platform with all the weirdweeds below it. That
    looks nasty, doesn't it?
    First, just drop to the first segment, above the red diamond.
    Second, jump onto the square over the second patch of weed in the pit.
    Third, jump onto the square above the third red diamond. You'll fall
    down and get it. Fourth, jump up onto the square directly to the
    right. Fifth, to the square above the crown. Okey dokey! That
    waren't so bad, now was it?
    Now, the Grey Disc Thing. You'll want to wait until it shoots as
    it's coming towards you, then jump and drop down pushing hard right.
    Let off a shot and drop into the pit. Keep in mind that this
    particular beastie seems to not have been thoroughly bug-tested (an
    impression I get for quite a lot of the game, to be perfectly frank),
    and your bullets have a nasty habit of going right through it with it,
    registering no discernable ill effect. Cheap! You'll have to just be
    a little careful whilst jumping up and letting off and letting off
    extra ammunition to take it out. But, eventually you will prevail. Or
    so we hope. Bleh.
    Once it's gone, don't go through the flames; jump over them.
    Take the jetpack and head right. You don't need to use it to cross the
    water; it's narrow enough to jump. This next Grey Disc Thing requires
    mildly fast reflexes: wait until it shoots and starts going back, then
    drop down QUICKLY, turn around QUICKLY, shoot it QUICKLY, and jump back
    up, QUICKLY. See what the key word is here?
    Now, down and around. The only solid ledges in the room with the
    trophy are the right sides of the two-segment ones, so you'll need to
    jetpack out—up, over, and to the left, or to the right and the bonus
    room, if you'd prefer. Get the treasure if you want, being as quick
    about it as you can so as not to waste fuel. Or, hell, go ahead: waste
    it. Waste all you want! Who am I to reign in your self-destructive
    impulses? It's your life, not mine. Still, if you want to win, SAVE
    Okay now...when you reach the gap, drop down. Don't worry if it
    looks like you're going to crash into the flames; if you're on a course
    that'll lead you straight to the bottom, you won't. When you enter the
    next screen, hit the first button as fast as you possibly can. You'll
    usually be able to kill the fourth and final Grey Disc Thing without it
    getting off a shot at you; if it does, you're pretty much dead. You
    can try retreating and jumping up to safety in the alcove, but I don't
    think this works. If you're desperate, I suppose you can try turning
    on the jetpack for a little extra speed. But hey: don't worry about
    death. You're coming right up on the end. As long as you have some
    extra lives, and you succeed in killing it, it's all good.
    Head left; the strange wall of slime stuff is actually just
    greenery; the tile is the same as the one used for the trees. You'll
    want to jetpack past it onto the ledge, though: if you don't, you'll
    just fall straight onto the weeds. Only the second segment is
    illusory, but if you have any fuel at all left you might as well just
    fly over it; there's no more need for jetpack. In the next room either
    jetpack or, more romantically, climb the stars, to the culmination of
    all your hopes and dreams: victory. You've won. A winner is you. So
    why do you feel so terribly hollow inside? What is it that you yearn
    for still? Could it be that challenging Clyde's Hideout was nothing
    more than a desperate attempt to endow your life with meaning? Now
    that you've fulfilled this goal, what is there left? Nothing but to
    enter into a downward spiral, squandering all the money you earned on
    fast drinks and hard women, until, finally, anticlimactically, you die.
    How? Does it really matter? Auto accident, heroin overdose, random
    mugging-gone-bad—what's the difference? From the top of the world to
    the end of everything. This, Dave, is your life. But hey! That's all
    in the future! For now, sit back and enjoy the stunningly-rendered CG
    ending, content for the time being in the satisfaction of a job well

    Bonus Area One

    Accessed from Level Five; see the section in question for all the gory
    details. This first bonus level isn't particularly lucrative, but you
    might as well go ahead, eh? Just as long as you can survive. How come
    bonus levels have the potential to be fatal. Unfair! So okay, fall
    down and hold right as soon as you pass the flame, then go up and get
    the three crowns. Now…if you're desperate to get the two left-most
    blue diamonds over the lava, you'll have to do it from this side. Just
    jump over the lava and onto the platform with the door, then jump back
    by going under the lava platform. Easy peasy. Now go up, over, and
    around, nabbing the purple orbs, trophy, red diamond, ring, and crown.
    Next, jump onto the purple platform, but stay on the fist tile:
    the second's an illusion. Instead, jump back onto the higher platform
    to the right (it may take a few tries, but you can do it), and from
    there onto the one next to the scepter. Drop off the platform, holding
    left until you hit the lower one, then jump to the leftmost side to
    bypass another illusory platform. From there, exiting is all too easy.
    So do it. Good, you're done.

    Bonus Area Two

    Accessed from level eight, or, unofficially, level six. Obscene
    amounts of treasure: a total of 37,400 points work, counting the exit
    bonus. Gotta be careful, though: it's not very hard to mess up and
    die. And nobody wants that. No indeed.
    After you drop down and nab the crown and scepter, jump to the
    left and get the two crowns, then too the purple ledge for the two
    rings. Dropping down to the lower ledge gets you one of the rings
    above the weirdweed, jumping to the next gets you the other. After
    achieving this, go back and jump onto the high ledge with the row of
    rings. The second segment is illusory, so from the edge of the first,
    jump onto the highest ledge. You're inevitably going to fall at some
    point here; the illusions really can't be avoided, but don't sweat it:
    you shouldn't hit the weeds. When you fall onto the ledge next to the
    area with the trophy and a crown, hold over and up to jump back onto
    the higher ledge, then go right to fall down and get them. Get back up
    the same way. Once you have all the treasure here, on to the second,
    even more lucrative, room.
    There are lots of illusion tiles here, but that doesn't mean its
    dangerous: the only thing you have to worry about is accidentally
    hitting the lava whilst grabbing the two lowest scepters. You'll fall
    a lot, but just keep jumping back up: with a little patience, clearing
    out all the treasure should not be a problem. After doing so, jump up
    onto the top of the blue ledge to the left, and through the door.
    There we go.
    Point of interest: Okay, so I'm probably the only person in the
    world who finds this even remotely interesting. Indulge me, eh? If,
    instead of leaving the level, you bypass the door, you can, if you wait
    until the very last second to jump, get over the pit and reach the
    other side, where you're not supposed to be. If you fall into the pit,
    you'll just—in classic Bubble Bobble style—fall endlessly, starting
    from the top of the screen when you reach the bottom, but if you go
    past it to the left you can view the entirety of level six—from above!
    Whee! You can even exit through level six's door, although this does
    not lead back to level seven—it just puts you, as you'd expect, back in
    eight. Furthermore, if you don't have the trophy, you can actually go
    through the door and reenter level six...and then instantly die as you
    hit the water. And you just start back at the bonus area's starting
    point; you don't actually start at level six's entrance, as I'd hoped.
    So there's really very little point to it. But hey—I like it anyway.
    Leave me alone.

    Bonus Area Three

    This one is quick and easy—get the easily-attainable treasures; avoid
    the easily-avoidable flames. Leave. Okay, so that was short. What
    the hell do you WANT me to say? "Fall down. Jump through the tunnel.
    When you reach the flames, be sure to JUMP OVER THEM instead of
    mindlessly CRASHING INTO THEM. To get the crowns, you need to CLIMB
    THE TREE. The trophy is BELOW. Be careful when you're heading for the
    exit—those flames there will KILL you if you hit them. So jump over
    them instead. Between them, there are TREASURES you can get! These
    will give you points! Once you go through the exit, you'll be back in
    level nine." Is that what you want? Is it? Jeez, how mentally
    deficient ARE you? Fuggin' 'ell…

    Bonus Area Four

    Accessed from level ten, this is probably the bonus area where you're
    most likely to die. But not with my expert advice, so worry not! That
    crown above the flame is extremely hard to get without dying. I can't
    say I recommend it, but if you must, you need to stand absolutely as
    close as possible to the flame in question without dying and jump
    straight up. Jump periodically until you get it, but as I say, you're
    like as not to accidentally crash into the fire. And your sacrifice
    won't even earn you the crown, so what's the use, eh? Anyway, it's
    just three hundred points. Jeez.
    ANYWAY: fall through the flame tunnel, hitting left to avoid the
    first flame, and right to avoid the second and land on the ground. The
    scepter's easy enough to get by hitting up and left, but the jumps over
    the water can be irritating, what with the weeds on the ceiling. Wait
    until the last minute to jump to clear the first one, and for the
    second, wait until you're landing to squeeze in under the weed. Then
    up and over, again being careful about the weed directly over your
    Now, to get the trophy: edge out as far as you can on the ledge
    and jump: for some reason, you'll go up and through the water, but you
    won't die. Freaky deaky. Just jump up and over for the cup, then
    back. You couldn't jump high enough to hit the water from the ledges
    over the lava even if you wanted to, so worry not.
    Now to the right and through the tunnels. Quickly hit right when
    you're falling down to avoid crashing into the water. Get the crown if
    you fancy, then right through the scary tunnels, up, and around. Left
    to avoid the top flame when you fall, right to land on the ledge. Why
    am I bothering to point out the bleeding obvious here, anyway? This
    next bit isn't quite so self-evident, though (well, okay, maybe it is,
    but it would be easy to screw up in the heat of the moment): When you
    fall through the hole in the floor, don't go down for the rings. It's
    a trap. You won't be able to get back up, and you'll have to kill
    yourself. And, contrary to popular belief, suicide is not, in fact,
    painless. So suppress your lust for gold just this once and hold down
    right as you fall, to land safely on the other side. Get the red
    diamond if you want; it isn't as dangerous as it may look: quickly in
    and out, and you've got it. Now through the tunnels and into the door,
    and you're out. Congratulation!

    The Sequels

    Yes indeed, Dangerous Dave was apparently popular enough to warrant two
    sequels. Unfortunately, both of them really, really suck. I don't
    even remember their names, and I don't want to, but...well, they're
    just BAD. They completely lose the weird abstractness that gives the
    original DD it's strange appeal, and they render Dave as a redneck with
    a shotgun. Yech. Forget about THEM. You know what the world REALLY
    needs? A comprehensive Dangerous Dave level/tile editor, so we can
    make our own continuations to the game. That would be more than


    About damn time, I say. I suppose writing this was just my way of
    exorcising my obsession with this damn game—now that I've got all of
    this down on paper, I'll probably never touch it again. Actually, the
    only reason I ever played it as much as I did is because my computer
    recently committed seppuku—AGAIN—and, as I can only run in safe mode
    whilst I wait for adequate tech support, Dave is one of the few
    computer games I can play. Also text adventures. Which are fun, but
    maddening. BUT, that is neither here nor there. I hope you enjoyed my
    work, insofar as it's possible to actually 'enjoy' something like this.
    'Til next time.


    -to John Romero, for making this simple yet strangely compelling game.

    -to my friend Zac. It was his computer originally, so without him I
    probably would never have known the wonders of Dave! The horror!

    -to John Keats, for being better than I—or indeed, anyone—could ever
    hope to be.

    -to Manic Street Preachers, for being the best still-active band going.
    New album out any day now!

    -to Campbell's, for making cream of mushroom soup: Breakfast of
    Dangerous Dave Champions.(tm)

    -and, most importantly, to readers like YOU. I cannot believe I just
    wrote that. Yerg. I might as well be Working Designs:-/

    Legal Crap

    This document is copyright ME. That's GeoX to you. Ah done writted it
    all by mahself. Got it? If, for whatever bizarre reason, you feel
    your site would benefit from a walkthrough for an old and obscure PC
    game, contact me at the above address, and chances are I'll let you use
    it (with no editing and full credit to me, of course). I mean, why

    Random quotes

    Two silhouettes by the cash machine where the lovers dance
    It's a tango for the lonely wives and the business class

    Auto-cannibalism is not the answer.

    Aw, Rick, we were watching 'Bastard Squad'.
    -The Young Ones

    I'm back again from hell
    With loathsome thoughts to sell
    Secrets of death to tell
    And horrors from the abyss
    -Siegfried Sassoon

  16. [deXter]

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    Woah! Super cool!

    Or.. as GeoX would say:


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    ತುಮಕೂರು, ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ

    Do you know that our Dave can hang on to the walls!!! just like spiderman...This can be tried in the 4th level..This "hang on" feature is very very useful and absolutely required to beat the 10th level.

    I will post a screen shot of the same soon...
  18. kl_ravi

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    ತುಮಕೂರು, ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ
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    ತುಮಕೂರು, ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ
    As you all can see from the above pictures, our Dave can learn a trick or two from spiderman....Note:- this smart jump was made without the use of JETPACK as it is evident from the screen shot. :) :D
  20. [deXter]

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    Yeah ravi, I knew that trick, Used it all the time :)


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