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  1. confused

    Please suggest custom PCB designers/fabricators in Mumbai

    Hi guys, i was wondering if any one here knew any shop which offered these facilities (preferably in Mumbai)??? Thanks for reading.
  2. Admirer Of Digit

    Apple's Ipad Vs. Nettop

    Please give ur comments... which one is better to choose ... as only few people knew about i t Thus, they have right to know more through u .. So,please help those...
  3. abhi.eternal

    Why to do SAP?

    I am interested in SAP, but am not sure exactly what it is. I tried to check online and found out that there are many sub-categories (or something like that). I have already decided to go to a SAP center for counseling on Saturday but it would help if I knew beforehand what exactly it is. If...
  4. R

    Pixlr - Free Online Image Editor.

    http://www.pixlr.com/editor/ Fully featured online image editor, really useful. Please don't mind if u knew about it already.
  5. L


    i m a winxp sp2 user . when i shutdown my pc it restarts,soi have to directly put off the power . its not a hardware prob i knew i think its registry plzz help
  6. cooldudie3

    Way to put Album art on n80 music player

    I want to know how to put album art on the songs on my n80. I am wondering how to do that and I knew there should be a way... Please help, thanks!
  7. B

    Converting CD's into 320 kbps

    I heard that store bought CD's came as 128 kbps don't remember where i heard to from, but i am wanting to convert some cd's i have to 320 kbps and was wondering if anyone knew if this was true about cd's and also what is the best software out now to do this with? Anything can help Thanks
  8. G

    iPod touch in delhi

    Hi guys, Finally I decided to buy iPod touch 8GB, please tell me where I get them in Delhi :p Also, please let me know price (with tax), last I knew it was around Rs.14000 :)
  9. shaunak

    Splashup, online photoshop

    Check out this cool website, and it's almost like photoshop! With filters, layers and everything! http://www.splashup.com/ Who knew you could do so much with flash?
  10. codred

    Many Governments knew about TSUNAMI-2004 but did nothing to evacuate coastal areas.

    Many Governments knew about TSUNAMI-2004 but did nothing to evacuate coastal areas -- global conspiracy, UFO threats or concerted failure? Now it is slowly coming out that almost all the Governments affected by the Tsunami knew about the earthquake and possible Tsunami hours before their...
  11. chicha

    multi os's

    i some time back formatted a 40Gb HD one partition i installed mint linux the other of 1GB used for swap and the rest i installed windows XP. Now the problem is that when it boots it directly goes to winXP. may be it is cause it is the default os, or the time to choose is very less. i knew to...
  12. Dipen01

    Software for Scores

    Hi... i was wondering if theres any software which we shows Cricket Match Scores online... I know we hav many sites showin it..but i need software. I knew it long time back but 4got now... Any ideas..?? Regards, Dipen
  13. P

    Dangerous Dave

    Has anybody got any cheats for the retro kinda game called Dangerous Dave? I don't want any hints like how to go in warp zones, etc. but has anybody got the cheats for it? I searched for it in the Cheatbopok Database 2004 but got only hints which I already knew. If anybody knows some cheats...
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