1. A

    Lenovo s8 keyboard

    Couldnt find a 8inch case keyboard for my 8inch Lenovo S8 tablet. :(.. any hints..
  2. Flash

    Assassin's Creed: Unity

    First leak of another AC game, not sure whether it's real or fake. Let's wait for some days, lads! Updated: Assassin’s Creed 5: Great Fall is supposedly the name of the next sequel in the franchise. If the leaked photos are to believed, then a likely Assassin’s Creed 5 location might be...
  3. socrates

    Hints for new Google+ updates spotted in site's codes

    Google's latest social networking experiment, Google+, is set for another series of updates. Hints of the new updates were spotted by a code junkie named Matt Mastracci, who was then trying to gain an early access to Google+'s new circle sharing feature and inadvertently came across what is...
  4. koolbuddy92

    Anyone playing Klueless 5 ?

    Hi everyone... Here you can discuss hints for Klueless 5. Its a nice puzzle game, if you still haven't played it, go to http://www.ahvan.in/ahvan/klueless5/ Please avoid providing explicit hints as it ruins the fun.... ---------- Post added at 10:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:08...
  5. L

    Dataone on XP 64

    I have been trying to connect to BSNL Dataone throught my Win XP 64 bit OS but have been unable to . Any hints ?
  6. cyborg47

    Need some NFS UG multiplayer hints.

    hi everyone, i need some NFS UG multiplayer hints, i tried googling but failed. Can anyone provide me some good links?
  7. Quiz_Master

    Urgent: Prince of Persia Warrior within cheats

    I need cheat codes of above mentioned game. Please I m in a Hurry. Please post them if anyone have them. I need codes not hints.
  8. R

    need for speed ug2 hints

    hey guys can you plz give me th cheats and hints or te carear mode and i also require a trainer......i downloaded a trainer but the thing is tht it aint working ......i want a trainer that supports the version nfsug2 which comes in the cd ......is there any way to download the update of nfsug2
  9. prashantisonline

    +3.3 Voltage problem. System restart

    Hi, My motherboard is ASUS A7N266-VM ASUS Probe is showing that voltage of 3.3 is warning low at 2.87 The system restarts without any hints. Checked hard disk & RAM. Wheres the problem? Please Help! Prashant :(
  10. U

    help in aladdin

    I've got stuck in aladdin nasira's revenge. I want its walkthroughs and hints from A2Z. Please, tell me where I can get the walkthroughs..... :cry:
  11. cooldip10

    Cheats man.. Cheats of FIFA 2005

    Hi there, PLZ give me cheats , hints & tricks of FIFA 2005. :)
  12. P

    Dangerous Dave

    Has anybody got any cheats for the retro kinda game called Dangerous Dave? I don't want any hints like how to go in warp zones, etc. but has anybody got the cheats for it? I searched for it in the Cheatbopok Database 2004 but got only hints which I already knew. If anybody knows some cheats...
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