1. RCuber

    Phonebloks - A customizable phone

    A very interesting concept.. lets hope it starts off.. Phonebloks - Made by Dave Hakkens http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDAw7vW7H0c
  2. ghantaukay

    Is my pc infected?

    I have Kaspersky antivirus (fully updated) on my pc with Windows Firewall.Of late I find that my google searchbox has vanished and I did a hijack this scan and am not able to diagnose the problem. Can anyone help me with this problem? I just want to know if my pc is infected and if so how should...
  3. A

    Good Old Games

    hi fellas, Last week, i recovered an old CD of mine which i guess i had burned when i got my first CD writer back in 2000. In that i ran into some old games.. and suddenly i got nostalgic :) Do u all remember the days when we used to play games like Dave Packman Prince ( i guess it came...
  4. V

    Dave help (8th level)

    i've played dave to 8th level. but dont know how to win that level any body help me.
  5. QwertyManiac

    Dave not working

    Help ! Till today Dave was working well (i never used it for a month but) now when i riun it it just opens a black cmd window and closes instantly ! Is this a problem with my DOS or what ? The game works fine on my friend's comp even now I have winxp proffesional SP2 with all upto...
  6. P

    Dangerous Dave

    Has anybody got any cheats for the retro kinda game called Dangerous Dave? I don't want any hints like how to go in warp zones, etc. but has anybody got the cheats for it? I searched for it in the Cheatbopok Database 2004 but got only hints which I already knew. If anybody knows some cheats...
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