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Crysis 3


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Forest????????Hope its not a GPU eater

it will be.. crytek is famous for the fact that their games are graphically superlative than others...:)
crysis 2 gave only 19 fps on my xps 15 on gt 420M 1 gb.. @ 720p...:(:(
but i don't think it will run crysis 3..:(:(:(


Firecracker to the moon
Crysis is kind of out of box..I really had fun killing aliens in crysis warhead.
I hope its Pyscho and hope The AI is not Dumb(I heard c2 Had Dumb AI).
And hope C3 will have INDIAN SERVERS

New york turns into Forest?Well that gun looks awsome.Hope UFOS,Aliens are there.I really hope entry level 6 series and 7 series can take it at medium in at least 25 fps


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:+1: people say mw3 is a great shooter but i found crysis 2 more difficult than mw3 and it involves more than just shooting, reloading, shooting...

yeah & with mods in crysis 2 its graphics is unbeatable....:cool:
crytek is amazing engine


Wise Old Owl
Lol it even had a maximum strength mode..

And dont under estimate the crossbow(it maybe as powerful as in the rambo movie)


SoLa BeLLaToR...
So what do you guys think? It'll be like sequel to Crysis 2 in which Prophet (Alcatraz) will continue the Ceph massacre or do you expect Psycho/Nomad to be there? :wink:

BTW the ending of Crysis 2 still gives me goosebumps. SO EPIC!!!


Long Live Gojira!
Oh Gawd! Here it comes again. My old friend... "Crysis Madness".... is creepin' up on me again.

Damn, I can't wait! NOMAD FOREVER!
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Firecracker to the moon
^^ Play crysis warhead,youll change your mind :D.Fighting aliens is awsome!And campaign is much longer than the Normal COD 5 hours


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Finally cryengine 3 will show its true potential. It wasn't at its best in crysis 2 and has lots of grounds to cover. I guess developers will optimize the tessellation part as it was overdone and sometimes unnecessary in crysis 2.

This one will use the dx11 api better for sure and if it surpasses battlefield 3 in terms visual fidelity, then it won't be a surprise. :)

Hopefully expecting the gameplay to be better in this one than crysis 2.
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