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Crysis 3



Crysis/Crysis Warhead(Alongwith crytek Budapest) PC was developed by Crytek Frankfurt..both run on Cryengine 2.
Crysis PS3/X360 & Crysis 2(PC/X360/PS3) ..was developed by Crytek GmbH..both of these run on Cryengine 3.

Ryse(Kinect) is currently being worked on Crytek GmBH.
Homefront 2(Contracted For THQ)/Timesplitters 4 are being developed by Crytek UK.
So basically these are major Titles undertaken By Crytek.

Crysis 3(TBD) is under Pre-production and from current situation we can speculate its development being passed on to Crytek Frankfurt which will be win win case for PC gamers since Crytek FranKfurt specializes in PC Games and have Crysis //Crysis Warhead to their credit.
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BTW Its not an arrow gun..there is no such thing.(Unless we are not cosidering the case of Van Helsing Movie!!!LOL)
Its simple bow like that of turok as gameranand said.


Firecracker to the moon
Dam i cant play crysis 3...Maybe the present 7 series might take crysis 3 at low setting :lol:
But only if the world doesnt end this year
:rofl: :lol:


Firecracker to the moon
Its better if they release next year-april.With better AI,and less bugs.And A computer friendly graphics :D


Human Spambot
^^ Play crysis warhead,youll change your mind :D.Fighting aliens is awsome!And campaign is much longer than the Normal COD 5 hours

I had played it before when I didn't had a gfx card...lagged a lot...and maybe didn't take much interest in it. Have crysis 2...gfx are amazing...but somehow didn't find it much engaging....maybe I need to give it another try.
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