1. T

    UPS not compatible with home Inverter :X

    I have an Intex UPS BLACK ARMOUR 725 UPS. My landlord has a Powertech sinewave inverter with two 150 ah Powertech batteries... I can't run my desktop on UPS as when electricity goes the UPS will run on Inverter for few minutes n then sounds of tik tik tik tik will start which makes me crazy n i...
  2. D

    WD My Passport problem

    Hello guys, I had ordered WD My passport 1 TB external hard disk from flipkart and received it today.But the IMEI/Serial No on invoice is different from the Serial No that is printed on the product box. Also there is some tik tik sound coming from the hdd when it is not in use(as if a...
  3. Q

    CPU turns off suddenly

    When i switch on the PC, it started with a 'tik' sound and after about 2 or 3 minutes it suddenly turn off by itself with the same 'tik' sound.. I am unable to explain the 'tik' sound :) .. Its not the Beep sound that i usually heard.. Can anybody help me..
  4. rahul.ims

    brain cracking puzzle...ne1 dare to solve it...

    Hi, Just click on this link n use ur common sence to navigate. It has 23 pages one after the other, starting from this first Page. The trick is to find a way to go to the next page. If u can really go to the 23rd page ur a genius in ur own respect :) So best of luck n keep clicking, tik...
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