1. kARTechnology

    [Corsair CX430] Spark from PSU and PC still works fine!

    This happened 4 days back. Corsair CX430 PSU since Sep'12 A 250GB HDD GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2HP 3 gig RAM AMD 2400+ 2.4GHz Dual Core I sometimes switch off the PSU at the backside small switch. upon switching on at the back, a small spark. Immediately switched off, and after few...
  2. C

    Spark from cabinet's rear-end and now PC won't turn on!

    I assembled my PC barely 10 days ago now I'm with dead PC that refuses to turn on! I doesn't even started gaming on this thing, all I did was web browsing and casual stuff ever since I bought it. It was running super cool at middle 30s temperatures. Today, while I was watching a movie , I...
  3. S

    bluetooth device problem

    I have HCL ME xite45 laptop. Windows 8 32 bit is installed in my laptop. When I connect JBL spark with my laptop through bluetooth it is connected but when I am going to play any music or movie I get no sound from JBL spark and laptop also. But when laptop is connected to JBL flip2 through...
  4. J

    system shut down after spark like sound

    Hi friends, My Pc automatically shutdown ( Like power off ) after a spark like sound today I face this problem nearly 3 times it stops after 40 to 60 min. please help me in this issue . thanks & regards raj
  5. ilugd

    How to autostart programs on boot with suse linux 10.1

    I finally got Suse linux to dual boot with xp. (Had some problem in partitioning with ubuntu) I am still trying to get to know it and playing around with it. But I am bit scared, since I made some changes and now whenever I select the help contents item in the help menu, nothing happens. I think...
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