1. W

    The YouTube mobile app still limits video quality to 480p in India, even after 3 months of restrictions

    Source: YouTube app still limits video quality to 480p in India, even after 3 months
  2. ramaswamy ganapathy

    I want to buy a monitor for game recording (budget 20-25k).

    Hey guys i am going for a Ryzen 5 APU build for the CPU and my purpose is to buy the PC for playing games and recording the content for my YouTube channel. I want to buy a monitor in which i can record games at higher quality 1440P preferably and it would also help if the monitor provides good...
  3. Vyom

    When two giants fight: Google and Amazon, result is we don't get Youtube?

    I bought a firestick for my family few months back. It's used almost exclusively to watch Youtube videos by my dad, who would have no other option to do that once Google pulls out support for Youtube on Amazon's fire stick. This article explains the reasons: Source: Google is pulling YouTube...
  4. astakhova

    Best New Mobiles and tablet

    *MOD Edit: Self promotion links to own channel are not allowed.*
  5. astakhova

    Best Laptops 2017

    *MOD Edit: Self promotion links to own channel are not allowed.*
  6. A

    SD on HD

    I am planning to buy a Full HD 40" TV for youtube net and gaming. However i am concerned if the resolution of the youtube video is not 1080 but less, will it be watchable on the tv ? Or should i go for a HD ready TV instead ?
  7. savithk

    why only youtube is working

    why only youtube is working properly (load full speed) other streaming video like dailymotion not loading properly . i uninstall flash player and reinstall but there is no change ...please guys help me my os windiws 7 x64
  8. meetdilip

    Apps with Chromecast 2 support

    Could you share a few good and popular apps that support Chromecast 2 ? As of now, I know of YouTube and Hotstar. Does MX Player support casting ?
  9. meetdilip

    Chromecast 2 issues

    Moto E3 Power is not able to cast anything other than YouTube to Chromecast 2. I have Google Home app installed, but when I try to cast anything other than through YouTube, apps hang. I have to restart the phone to make anything work again. Any way to fix it ?
  10. Mehul Chauhan

    Philips 49inch 49PUT7791 4k test

    I cannot find any native 4k video to test my tv, all i'm getting is to download from youtube which i get noise and pixelation. i need any links for 4k videos to test my tv.
  11. R

    Routing LAN traffic to another IP

    In our office we have a LAN setup which is firewalled but a single system has an open IP, meaning there are no restrictions with respect to browsing. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter opens without any firewall filtering and all other systems connected to the LAN network has restrictions. How do i...
  12. avichandana20000

    Slow motion video

    i have a sony hx200v camera. What i need to know is that can i shoot slow motion video with it? there are youtube videos but no mention of the settings procedure. Sony HX200V - Slow Motion Test - YouTub
  13. Tenida

    Android TV box or chromecast for TV?

    I bought a new non-smart Sanyo 43'' Inch TV recently from Amazon. And now I want to cast the digital content to the TV like youtube and other stuffs. Is the Google Chromecast 2 is a worthy buy? Or any good android TV box is available? Please suggest.
  14. A

    Youtube Channel Camera Setup

    Hello Amazing People, I have started a Youtube channel for Fitness and Food Videos. I have been shooting with my RedMi Note 3 which is above average and satisfies my needs. I wanna do it more professionally now. I need a camera which can record atleast 1hr of footage. The DSLR's can hardly...
  15. J

    What is the best free alternative to IDM for downloading YouTube Videos

    I want to download videos from YouTube but i just know about the Internet download manager, I use this as 30 days trial but it ask key after that. I have no money to buy it, could you please suggest me the download manager which allow me to download all YouTube videos form internet but it must...
  16. S

    More views for Youtube

    What is the best way to get more views for Youtube?
  17. S

    Need help on buying Chromecast

    Hi All, Please suggest is it worth to buy google chromecast? Or any other such hardware is available in market? Use:- Accessing youtube on LED 32 inch tv.
  18. M

    Suggest the capabilities of this configuration...

    Here's our PC Configurations- Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz Dual Core Processor ASrock 775i65gv Motherboard 1 GB Strontium ddr1 400Mhz Intel 865GV Chipset We want to edit and render videos for our youtube channel Visit it here Mr AbAk - AbhayAkshay Maurya - YouTub we also want to know how to...
  19. Subhankar Mondal

    Many personal queries .

    I have a lot of questions expecting your suggestions. Since it contains matters of many fields, I am posting it here. Kindly help. My name is Subhankar mondal. From westbengal. Ami bangali. 1)What is the best and reliable website to recharge mobile? 2)I am using free AVAST antivirus. It...
  20. D

    Beauty of Nature

    Just finished filming a short-film about nature. It's on Youtube, please check it out. Hope you guys would enjoy. Watch in HD. :D *
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