1. I

    General Query Contacting E-Bay India's Customer Service

    Hello everyone. :wave: I attempted to sign into my E-Bay account on E-Bay India, but surprisingly, the succeeding page displayed a message stating; something on the lines that 'my login attempt was detected using another/different computer'. Consequently, the security process initially...
  2. Vyom

    e-bay offering free shipping for limited days.

    e-bay is offering, Free shipping for some products being imported from U.S. Don't know how useful it would be, since there is also an exclusion list too! Date of validity: 23rd Apr to 4th May 2011. Link: http://shopping.ebay.in/freeshippinggeb/tnc.html
  3. Zangetsu

    Is Buying from e-bay secure ?

    There r lots of transactions taking place online (shopping,business etc) But is buying from e-bay really 100% secure...coz some of my frnds say no its not...:confused: Just to clarify my doubts....:oops:
  4. T


    When we but products from E-bay is the bill also attached to it???
  5. ╬Switch╬

    Should I buy this MP3 Player???

    I found this MP3 Player on E-Bay and this looks quiet fascinating to me with all its features and IPod like design.So should I get this player? Im asking cause I've never purchased anything from E-Bay. And it also has a 6 month warranty. Its from"Pareshwins". It looks like the new nano and...
  6. Help~Is~Here

    Intel Price Drops!! Sale!!

    This is the first lot of orders that is being shipped out to me from Intel India, anyone willing to purchase them can post what they like here so that I can order more as required along with the lot so that all of us profit with the prices. E6550 -- G0 stepping -- 8499 + shipping ( US price...
  7. P

    E-Bay Transactions

    Hey ppl Sorry, Didn't know where to properly post this query. My problem is that I made an online purchase of Nikon Coolpix 5600. My mode of payment on the website was DD. Now, I personally went to the shopkeeper to pay through CASH and I brought the item( i don't trust credit cards payment...
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