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Hello Friends :)

I intend on pursuing Computer Networks in a UK university.
But, i am a B.A. graduate. :oops:

Hence, should i start from the root/basics & pursue a BSc (Honours) degree. I feel if i do so, then, perhaps i will have a strong foundation in the networking field. :banghead:

I attended a career counselling session conducted by an overseas education agency yesterday. The counsellor informed me of a Masters "conversion degree" :???: He opined that such a degree is specially designed for students who have completed their under-graduate studies in a different field & now want to pursue another field/career.
He advised me to pursue this "conversion degree" as it will help me save years & money.

I am confused (the title of the thread says it all :C_disgusted: ) whether this "conversion degree" is worth pursuing or should i just follow my instincts & pursue a BSc (Honours) under-graduate degree. :???:

I admit i have made many mistakes in my life, i cannot turn back time & rectify those mistakes but i can definitely try & make ammends for it.
I never got "appropriate" advise from my "surrounding environment", my hope now is, i will perhaps get some helpful tips to try & put my life on track & give a meaning to my existence.

I want to garner knowledge through a strong academic background (theoretical + practical) & money will not serve as a hindrance/barrier.

I apologise for this long correspondence which consequently will have made you all yawn. :yaaawwn: :zzzz:

Honestly, i have felt quite unburdened after sharing my confused state of mind.
"Shared joy is double joy. Shared sorrow is half sorrow."
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Do not feel bad. Your thread had ~90 views. At times this happens on forums, where people do not know an answer, or are unsure so do not recommend. Your query is different since it is a career decision.

This Masters Conversion Degree, which school offer it abroad..?


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why don't use consult some good career counsellor ( u said money is not a hindrance)

Yes my Friend, you are correct, i did say money is not a hindrance. But that implies for the quality (and perhaps quantity) of education.:C_smile:

There is not a single "reputed" career counsellor with significant expertise in my area of residence/locality.

The opinions/suggestions/advise/criticisms i get here are held in high regard.
Hoping to get more valuable responses from the others.



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If you can shell out the money then go for the masters conversion program. But do check out the program first and the ranking too.

You will have to give TOEFL too. So start preparing for that.

Chase your dreams, it's never too late !


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I am visiting the said overseas education agency tomorrow morning, accompanied by my Dad. :))

I should get the list of the universities in U.K. offering the aforementioned "conversion degrees" tomorrow. I will do my level best of research & post my possible choices here.

As for the English language proficiency test, i need a minimum score of 6.0 in IELTS.

Looking forward to your continued assistance, suggestions, advise & guidance.


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I am unable to post the various links of the universities i have been recommended. I received the list via e-mail.
It is a list of 16 universities in the U.K., each bearing a link to the desired course for the "conversion degree".

What should i do now? i tried posting it in a random thread but no luck. :sad:
Am i doing something wrong? Is posting numerous links not allowed? :unsure:
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I just tried once again to post the entire list again, but still encountered the Database Error.

May i post the list in parts?


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Friends, i am posting 4 options at a time.

1] Robert Gordon University, Scotland
Computing: Software Technology With Network Management - Full Time MSC School of Computing | Robert Gordon University (RGU) Aberdeen Scotland

2] Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland 11 STW.pdf

3] University of Stirling, Scotland
Masters / MSc in Information Technology - Postgraduate / Graduate Courses and Study – University of Stirling

4] Birmingham City University, England
Birmingham City University : Computing - MSc

I am able to post in parts, if i try to post the entire list, i am hit with the Database Error.

The second part of my options -

5] University of Wolverhampton, England
University of Wolverhampton - Course

6] Middlesex University, England


Business Information Technology Masters

7] University of Sunderland, England

8] University of Glamorgan, Wales
MSc Computing and Information Systems at the University of Glamorgan

The third part -

9] Northumbria University, England
Computing and Information Technology - Northumbria University, Newcastle UK

10] Liverpool John Moores University, England
Computing Information Systems: Postgraduate Courses at Liverpool John Moores University

11] University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland
Information Technology | University of Abertay Dundee

12] Anglia Ruskin University, England
Information Technology (Conversion) - MSc - Anglia Ruskin University

The fourth & final part -

13] University of Central Lancashire, England
University of Central Lancashire - List of courses - Network Computing


University of Central Lancashire - List of courses - Computing

14] University of Derby, England
Computer Networks MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip - University of Derby


Enterprise Computing MSc incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip - University of Derby

15] Leeds Metropolitan University, England
Leeds Met - MSc Information & Technology - Full-time

16] University of Salford, England
Course details: Information Technology | Course finder | University of Salford - A Greater Manchester University

Awaiting your responses coupled with suggestions, advise & guidance.


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Any suggestions dear Friends?

Received a call from the overseas education agency 2 minutes back, i have to attend a counselling session on Monday (28th March) to discuss my final choices.
I have to decide & choose a minimum 6 universities.

Need your assistance.
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It's better if you see the department rankings and other factors. Get in touch with current students.


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Hello Friends, i am very happy to be back here after a long absence!

I applied to 6 universities,
University Of Sunderland (it was my 1st choice university)

Northumbria University

University Of Derby

University Of Central Lancashire

Liverpool John Moores University


Birmingham University

I got acceptance into Sunderland, Northumbria, Derby & Liverpool John Moores.
Since University Of Sunderland was my preferred choice, i have decided to join it!

I was in Mumbai last week to answer my IELTS, got my result 2 days ago & it is as follows :
Listening - 8.5
Reading - 8
Writing - 7.5
Speaking - 8
Overall Band - 8

I am very happy & excited. I still have a lot of work to do though!
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