Computers Could Cool Themselves By Deleting Information - by Quantum Entanglement


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It’s common empirical knowledge that computing generates heat, but a new paper in the journal Nature claims that it doesn’t have to. In fact, under the right conditions, theoretical physicists say that deleting data can actually produce negative heat--that is, it can have a cooling effect.

Thats it. What follows next is a discussion on definition of entropy, information theory, thermodynamics, and quantum theory. Atleast I couldn't understand that!
So please if anyone here can explain it in simple English, please do so. :confused:

Article: Quantum Entanglement Means Computers Could Cool Themselves By Deleting Information | Popular Science
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Quantum Mechanics is the weirdest thing I have ever known..Seriously the entropy stuff didn't make any sense at ALL! I recommend you watch this video, at a point it explains about entropy stuff too (but they don't mention this term).
In information theory and in thermodynamics, entropy basically describes a lack of knowledge. An object doesn’t really possess entropy, but rather its entropy is dependent on the observer. The observer (human) will realise that the memory (another observer) will have more lack of knowledge (lower entropy) and thus he can delete the data from the memory with less energy expenditure.

Enter Quantum Mechanics. If the deleter has the perfect classical knowledge of a system, deletion of data could theoretically happen with no energy at all. And if the deleter of the system has more than complete classical knowledge (i.e., is entangled with the system at the quantum level), then the deletion will actually remove heat from the system.

If this stuff doesn't make sense to you, don't worry it doesn't make sense to anyone.
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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
Rajnikanth has PHD in Quantum Mechanics. That's the only logical explaination anyone can have to explain his antics.


@SyGeek Thanks for video. Quantum Physics is exciting.
No Problem.

Although I must say the video really takes you into a world of fantasies. But, then you realize that it is reality. Reality is how you perceive things through which we make logical thinking and radical decisions. If our logical thinking is this weak, who gives us the power to make these judgements. Well, let's just say we've adapted ourselves to this logical thinking. If that's the case, how can we judge things outside our limit, outside human's logical thinking. That's were Quantum Physics comes in and Human Logical thinking needs to take a piss in the dump. Fact is, we've converted reality into our own illusion world, but when we try to go for things outside our realms we have to leave this illusive world and find the ACTUAL Reality, the reality which still remains a mystery!

I just noticed that I totally went off-topic, Sorry for that but I needed to dump this thoughts somewhere..
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