1. Cyberghost

    Popular BitTorrent Client Transmission Gets Infected With Malware Again

    Source: Transmission
  2. Zangetsu

    IRCTC website 'hacked', personal details of lakhs feared stolen

    According to a report in India Today, IRCTC officials also fear that details including phone numbers, date of birth and other such information "have been sold in a CD for Rs 15,000 for whosoever was interested." Source : IRCTC website 'hacked', personal details of lakhs feared stolen -...
  3. S

    [Query] Who handles Powecolor GPU RMA in Delhi/India?

    My Powercolor HD 7750 died last night. Looking to get it repaired/replaced as it is in warranty. If any one has any information regarding powercolor rma in Delhi/India please let me know. Thanks
  4. tamatarpakoda

    Kingston HyperXperience Contest

    The Kingston HyperXperience Contest! If you are a Kingston user or have used a Kingston product before, this is the right competition for you! - You can find all the information you need about the contest here - Please go through all the rules and regulations. (There aren't many >_<) - You...
  5. G

    How to portforward on MTS ?

    I have MTS Mblaze Ultra Wifi.I want to portforward a port so I can host a gaming server.Please help me. I contacted MTS Support and they said they have no information regarding portforward.:cry:
  6. I

    zophop - Redefining Commute

    Commuters like students, professionals and people who are travelling often face problems due te various reasons like bus timings, train schedule, bus stop locations and what not. Sometimes, we have half information that can render a lot of difficulty as well. That is where zophop will come...
  7. Cyberghost

    Mafia III

    Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Hangar 13 Publisher: 2K Release Date: October 7th 2016 It’s 1968 and after years of combat in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: family isn’t who you’re born with, it’s who you die for. Now back home in New Bordeaux, Lincoln is set on escaping a...
  8. Mr.Kickass

    [Breaking News] SC strikes down sec 66A of IT Act, upholds freedom of speech

  9. sling-shot

    Why do we need to re-enter subscription information while renewing for print magazines?

    My experience of renewing subscriptions of print magazines such as Outlook group, Business Standard Motoring (now Motoring) and our own Digit magazine shows that they invariably treat you like a new customer each time although you are just trying to renew the subscription. This inspite of there...
  10. C

    places information

    Hi all, What is the best way to get the places information? Application needs information about streets, villages, Districts, States, and Country information. It's mobile and web application. I am not looking for map. I just need places information only. Can somebody suggest me to get...
  11. sling-shot

    WhatsApp - Some doubts

    I have been using WhatsApp in Android for sometime now. I have the following doubts/irritants. If anyone has solutions for these please suggest. How to send / forward the same message to multiple recipients in one go? How to clear the message database without removing the group information?
  12. Flash

    Ebay is hacked!!

    More on: EBay says client information stolen in hacking attack
  13. M

    Suggestions on gaming PC using existing setup

    Hello folks, I have this old PC which is sparingly used. It was assembled appx 3-4 years back, don't remember exactly when. Anyways, it is not used much and gathering dust. I was wondering if I can use the installed components as is and by adding graphics card and other necessary components...
  14. Inceptionist

    Diploma In Information Security Management

    I came across this course in security management which is being conducted by IDEMI which comes under MSME (Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) I wanted to do a course in network security but I was hesitating as there are many shady courses without any proper recognition. But as this...
  15. tkin

    LG G2 Discussion Thread

    Key features • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support • Quad-band 3G with HSPA; Penta-band LTE cat4 • 5.2" 16M-color 1080p True HD IPS Plus FullHD capacitive touchscreen • Corning Gorilla Glass 2 display protection • Android OS v4.2.2 Jelly Bean; LG Optimus UI • Quad-core 2.26 GHz Krait 400 CPU, 2 GB...
  16. DDIF

    DSL Modem/DNS Servers Compromised [ISP BSNL]

    I have a TP-LINK TD-8817 ADSL modem which is connected to BSNL BB Service and I have a wireless router ASUS RT-N66U running asuswrt-merlin firmware. For the past few days I have been experiencing a strange behavior. Mostly in TD-8817 I use OpenDNS and GoogleDNS IPs (user-configured dns) as my...
  17. A

    Belkin Surge Protectors

    I bought two Belkin Surge protectors - essential and gold, both 8 sockets. Anyone using them ? Please reply, I want some basic information.
  18. S

    Updated system Choppy

    Hi All, My old Mobo (Galaxy 680 sli) became faulty. I got it replaced with some Digilite - g41 MXE mobo. (i know...kind of a downgrade). The processor is same - Intel Core 2 duo e6850 @3ghz. Ram was changed - 2gb ddr3(company unknown - disadvantage of a local vendor). PSU - coolermaster...
  19. Desmond

    Indian government to ban US based email services for official communications.

    Cyberspying: Government may ban Gmail for official communication Source : Cyberspying: Government may ban Gmail for official communication - The Times of India Makes sense?
  20. asingh

    TDF Users @ Guwahati, Assam

    Hi, Is there anyone currently at Guwahati, Assam. I need some information about some aspects. Please PM me, if possible.
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