1. Faun

    Text Analytics to discover meaning

    Starting this thread. How to analyze text and discover meaning. Python will be used with nltk. Will post theory and code here.
  2. Vyom

    Computers Could Cool Themselves By Deleting Information - by Quantum Entanglement

    Thats it. What follows next is a discussion on definition of entropy, information theory, thermodynamics, and quantum theory. Atleast I couldn't understand that! So please if anyone here can explain it in simple English, please do so. :confused: Article: Quantum Entanglement Means Computers...
  3. soumya

    Google Wave: Theory & Reality

  4. cynosure

    Done with C theory. Now what?

    Hi guys Actually I have recently completed C theory from E.Balagurusamy (Tried all the programs too). Although I know its not a very good book but now I want to upgrade my skills and take them further. Is the theory given in EBG complete in every aspect or there's something more to C which one...
  5. S

    Triangle Puzzle....

    This is a forward I got in my mail.....the explanation is obvious but its the way we go about matters......... We have learnt from our childhood that area of an entire body (triangle, circle, rectangle etc) is equal to the sum of area of the parts it contains... and even if these parts are...
  6. S

    Splintel cell on intel 845 using 3d analyser

    hi i have got just one problem that i have intel 845 chipset my other config are just fine i want to know whether SC: pandora tmrw and chaos theory will work or not. i have downloaded 3d analyser 2.36 if yes, please tell which options to check thanx:)
  7. RaghuKL

    problem hp psc 1315

    the psc justs prints a test page whenever it is turned on :mad: there are no settings from this could happen. help!!!!!!!! Conspiracy theory : hp wants the ink to be used up quickly so that they get a new cartridge customer:confused: :confused: :confused:
  8. Sourabh

    SCREEN SHOT Comparisons: PC, XBOX, PS2, GameCube and more!

    SCREEN SHOT Comparisons: PC, XBOX, PS2, GameCube and more! Doom 3 PC screenshots * * *
  9. kunwar

    What r the dvd and cd contents of march 05 issue?

    i am waitin' I recommend demos of SC:Chaos Theory and Star Wars: Battlefront
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