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cd writer problems

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i m currently using an lg cd writer.i have nero 7 installed.when i try to copy a disc using the copy cd option,nero successfully makes an image of the disc and writes it on a blank cd.the "burn process completed successfully" dialog box is displayed.but when i run the cd on my pc it shows up as a blank disc.moreover the disc becomes corrupted and i am not able to write on it anymore.i do not know how to solve the problem.please help.


1) Try and have around 6-7GB of free space in your C: partition( I am assuming that you have installed windows in this partition.)
2)Run disk defragment from Accesories->System Tools
3) Run Free Space utility (I dont remember the name right now) from the same place.
4) Try and minimise the background processes.
5) Search for virus using any anti-virus and spyware, malware and every other x-ware using spybot.

and finally if the above points yield nothing then possibly you are running a windows which was installed 1-2 years back. If so, then reinstall it man, windows cannot run for this long (w/o reinstallation) until you are extra careful with it.


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Same prob happend with 2 yeras ago with my LG CD RW drive.

Just Open your and clean the circuit board ie pcb, lens etc of your drive.

That should solve your prob
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