can i use msn messenger on Redhat

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Dear friends,

I have a special query.
I want to know whether I can use msn messenger on Redhat Linux for chatting. if not is there any other chatting software which can use my hotmail account.
I'll appreciate your quick responses.



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I sugest you use AMSN
To down load it go here :

1. Download amsn-0.94-linux-installer.bin
2. Enter a terimnal and allow execution permissions using "chmod 500 amsn-0.94-linux-installer.bin"
3. Type "./amsn-0.94-linux-installer.bin" and a graphical wizard will apper to help you in installation
4. "cd /opt/amsn-0.94" and then "./amsn"
Or if that dosn't worj you can also dothis.
make a symbolic link to /usr/local/ActiveTcl/bin/wish at /usr/bin/wish first (If uu are using ActiveTcl and u install it at /usr/local/ActiveTcl/) using "ln -s /usr/local/ActiveTcl/bin/wish /usr/bin/wish" and try again

If it works, u can use aMSN throughe the desktop shortcut

To start aMSN from the command line, do "ln -s /opt/amsn-0.94/amsn /usr/bin/amsn" and u,will be able to start aMSN using "amsn" .

Hope that helped you !
Best Luck and Merry Christmas !
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