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  1. Rockstar11

    Make firefox default browser for msn messenger

    I am currently using MSN Messenger 8.5, and I've got Mozilla Firefox 3.0.19 set as my default browser. Every time I open a link in my MSN messenger, it opens the Internet Explorer :mad: Is there any way I can use Firefox as my default browser for MSN IM? :(
  2. M

    i cant able to download or install MSN Messenger, OS:Windows 7 U

    Dear experts, my second issue, is that, as i am using the Windows 7 Ultimate, i am not able to download or install MSN Messenger, i am hardly need to use this messenger, pls be kind to give me a solution, or even a direct downloading link. also, i would like to know more about the...
  3. devilinearth

    Voice Chat on BSNL 750UL?

    hey guys...i have bsnl 750 UL broadband plan....can i have voice chat on my pc using messenger?....if so then which one will b gud? gtalk or yahoo or msn? pls help guyz
  4. K

    MSN vs G-Talk - say the comparision....

    hi to all, we are using msn and some users in our office use g-talk for chatting. please suggest me which is the best , because we use this messangers for communication internally, in our office. pls. advice.... thansk Kumar
  5. RCuber

    Private Chat Software

    One of my friend has about 70 members in his organization and many are not in the office network.They They are currently using their personal Yahoo messenger/Gtalk/MSN accounts for official chat. He wants a unified chat service so that only the officials employees are there in the chat. In...
  6. L

    msn messenger

    Hi, In msn messenger, the people who come online, I know that I can keep them on my list or delete them or block them. But, I want to do something else... I want the status of certain people to be not shown (always offline) and keep them on the list without deleting or blocking. I mean... I...
  7. L

    emoticons for MSN

    Hi, I have searched to some extent, but couldn't get a hold of something as good and big as say gigasmileys.. Where can I get such big ones and lots of them?? animated of course... for MSN messenger (windows live) thks.
  8. redhat

    MSN virus

    Recently i rec. a msg from a friend on MSN like this: I havent clicked on d link, but now I see that when chatting, my friends recieve this msg from even when I didnt send it!! I scanned my PC with an updated version of NOD32, but no virus was found, please help!!
  9. sg1

    Windows live messenger default browser

    My default browser is Mozilla Firefox but if I click on my MSN messenger Hotmail link, it loads up in IE7:confused: When I was using Avant Browser as my default browser, it worked fine in MSN(I guess it was due to Avant browser being a Skinned version of IE;) ) But is it possible to get Firefox...
  10. Dark Star

    Pidgin Error on Opening MSN

    I compiled my Pidgin to 3.31 I donno what was that everything was fine but I uninstalled the older pdgin from Synaptic cause after compiling it was not upgraded :| Now whenever I try to open MSN accounts I get this error. . SSL suppport is needed please install SSL Support also 1 for Gmail TSL...
  11. ArZuNeOs

    [BWARe] Trojan has Infiltrated MSN & spreading like fire

    Source:eWeek A new Trojan is introducing malware into thousands of computer systems worldwide, and the number is growing by the hour. The malware is being introduced by MSN Messenger files posing as pictures, mostly seeming to come from known acquaintances. The files are a new type of Trojan...
  12. CadCrazy

    New MSN Messenger Trojan Spreading Quickly

    An MSN Messenger Trojan is growing a botnet by hundreds of infected PCs per hour, adding VMs to the mix as well. A Trojan is introducing malware into thousands of computer systems worldwide, and the number is growing by the hour. The malware is being introduced by MSN Messenger files posing...
  13. R

    Messengers are not working... ???

    Hi Friends, I am using Windows XP SP2 in my TOSHIBA notebook. Everything was going well, but suddenly my messengers (MSN, Yahoo, etc), BitComet, FTP Softwares are not connecting to the internet... only Internet Explorer and DAP are working fine.... I don't know why it happened... but I don't...
  14. T

    Outlook Express not Working ?

    I was using my MSN hotmail account with Outlook Express very fine, but after I formatted my hdd and installed XP again. Now Outlook Express refuses to download my MSN hotmail account folders and is also not allowing me to send or receive mails. Kindly please help!:evil:
  15. S

    Uninstalling MSN messenger and MS Outlook

    i want 2 uninstall MSN messenger and MS Outlook but cannot find them on add/remove list. i am using windows xp sp2.
  16. iMav

    MSN India Education

    MSN India Educatio Got curriculum and career related queries? Feeling burdened and confused? Write in to our experts who will help you carve a niche for yourself in advertising, business or something offbeat...
  17. anandk

    Cartoon Beta From Microsoft China.

    MSN China had lunched a service called "MSN Cartoon Beta". It creates smiley's for all your cool expressions from YOUR pictures ! http://cartoon.msn.com.cn/ Its in Chinese, as its from Microsoft China Development. But here is its babelfish translation: Using...
  18. C

    multiple MSN instances

    Hey, I have two MSN id and I would like to use both of them together for Windows Vista. Till windows XP, I used to use 2 messengers 1. Windows Live messenger 7.5 2. Windows messenger 5.0. They both could login together under different thread as msnmgr.exe and msmsg.exe. But I want to be...
  19. ax3

    Messenger in Browser ! ! !

    as v can have Gtalk in FF & opera without INSTALLING them ..... http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=53469 similarly can v have msn & yahoo messenger 2 as sidebars WITHOUT installing them ......... or any messenger which has both msn & yahoo 2 .......... i dont wanna...
  20. S

    MSN Tracker Launched : Spy on MSN Messenger Buddies

    MSN Tracker is a web based application that tracks the online offline activity of your MSN messenger buddies without their knowledge. It tells you about their activity in last 24 hours. The data gets updates automatically after every 10 minutes. It's Free ..!!
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