[By Demand] September 2005 DVD+CD

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Please include a Good Freeware TV program

Hi guys... please include a free TV viewing software in the september edition.


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every body requests a trial or demo soft coz they can find juice in illegall entering some codes (ser**l*) in them and then boast off of fullies....


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LOL yes,and most of the ppl are just spamming[see the vista post above] and some requests are ridiculous..some m0r0ns are requesting 3ds max 7 LOL...and some want tutorials...LOL,use google dumm1es :p

The demo of F.E.A.R. is all I request[its over 600 MB and too big to download]..

As for "trial" stuff,no thank you,I dont need that shit.....We need stuff thats too big to download....not some 2 MB apps/tuts that wont take more than a min to download :p


A free software for CD-library management.
I also want a software where i can keep a record of all the books i have.


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Watch out, this is a big one !

Here are some errrors in august month's digit :

Pg no.1 - Editorial, line 6 on 2nd paragraph - flier and not flyer.
Pg no.10 - Contents Interactive - Under Digital Tools - Internet - there are 2 bullets for one program - IE 6 cumulative & vulnerablity patch for windows XP.
Pg no.10 - Contents Interactive - Under Digital Buisness, the descriptions of the 1st 2 e-bookshave been interchanged.
Pg no 10 - Contents Interactive - Under Digital Leisure - Ebooks - The Joke E-book is corrupted.
Pg no.11 - Contents Interactive - Under Digital Passion, the photo under the 1st product 'AppletFile 5.0' looks unrelative as theres no symblo related to the name of the product...
Pg no.12 - The AD of Digit Forum - The Page has been modified and isnt the actual page we see online.
Pg no.12 - The poll doesnt contain all the options that are online.
Pg no.20 - In 'BEAT THAT !' - the name of the company which publishes the prize has 'pte' instead of 'pvt' for the word private.
Pg no.42 - In Clusty's Picture, we can see the DOB of Britney within below the ellipse drawn on the side clusters.
Pg no.48-49 - Under Visual Explaination, We press the '+' key between the nos. we type but in the 'How' section it is being pressed after we type both nos, That is, its explained that we are entering 34+ instead of 3+4 as usual we type in our calculators. (Read the article step by step and u will understand).
Pg no.80-81 - I congratulate DIGIT for at last publishing an error free article on 'A-list'.
Pg no.133 - In the 4th Question, the correct option 'Vista' isnt given...

In General :
Digit has become a soft po*n mag.
Seeing its 'Tabloid Tech' one can prove it...

Bout the 'Fast Track'
(I never scanned it for Errors yet)
Digit's pic for spam mails is a very bad one as one can read the words 'Impress your girl with a huge Cu*shot'.
Digit's pics for p*rn on the net has been manually blurred and censored, I wonder who did that ?
Also, was it neccesary to introduce what p*rn is ?
People will now have an idea bout its existance and will be tempted to visit them...

CD :
I didnt check much for Errors yet, but I found 2 :
The link for Winamp and Quicktime, both dont work !

Srry for any inconvinence caused by this post.

Yrs Always,
QM - The Typokiller
(Qwerty Maniac) - 8/8/05



This is the list of stuff that the members of digit really need.I've made a compilation for ease. I think this might help people at digit to decide what to put in the DVD. DIGIT !!!! Pls put these softwares on mag please or atleast try to accomodate as many as possible.

Mandriva Linux LE2005 DVD
XP Media Center Edition
Nero or latest [full pack]
Nero Mega Plugin pack
Nero Vision Express Template package I & II
Nero Photoshow Elite 1.01
Nero 6 Update packages
AVG Updates
Norton Antivirus updates
Windows Vista Beta 1
Photoshop cs2 video tutorials
Internate Explorer 7 beta
SKOAR magz in PDF
Case modding tutorials
Brian Lara Cricket 2005
Norton Antivirus 2006 beta
Style XP skins ( As much possible )
Wallpapers ( Abstract and minimal style )


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Unfortunately we just cannot give any software that is there on the internet, I wish we could but we can't because every publisher has copyright and we have to adhere to their distrubution policy.

We were planning to give Maya Personal Edition but we cannot because we did not get the permission. Similarly I am sure Microsoft will definately have issue should we give Windows Vist on our DVD. So please take all this into account before you request for Windows Vista or say Windows 64 bit. However they are a bit more relaxed for their softwares like say IE 7 Beta 1, which is going to be on the Sept DVD.

Similar considerations have to be taken for each and every software. Privacy and Copyright may not be a big issue here in India, but trust me its taken very very seriously in other parts of the world.


please include CD Searching software, its a long awaited software

You should include it in the Sep issue.

yeah digit please do it and also your cd/dvd searching utility


Consistencyin games

Well i would like to tell that, there should be a consistency in the cd/dvd. Atleast one full game should be provided (more full games will be appreciated more). some small full games should also be provided.
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