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[By Demand] September 2005 DVD+CD

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XP MCE plz.

yes plz include Xp MCE
& also include game add-on for games like
quake & its point releases :roll: .



How about a freeware version or atleast shareware version or the recently crazy Sudoku game( should include facility to print the puzzles).


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Jacknife said:
I agree with you Quickfire. We have experimented with a few new things, though we are not a gaming mag but we have given a video review for GTA:SA lets see how it goes down.

Guys please avoid Linux distro's for a few months (unless its a small one under 500MB or so). Lets wait til some major release comes up, I had to sacrifice a lot of DVD space for Fedora C4.

I'm looking forward to it.
More video reviews and video tutorials will be great. :)


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Well, I personally feel the need for more common developer tools to be included,
like say a new c/c++ editor/compiler, java ide - a good one (poll)
python tutorials, dreamweaver tuts, vb,vb.net,


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QuickFire said:
My only request -
No linux distros for atleast 2-3 months now plz.
I wonder how many ppl install various linux distros every month. Keep the distros to a minimum and use the space to provide quality apps for both Windows and Linux.

Ya I think we all have a lot of disros for now.You can give software for windows and linux


The cake is a lie!!!
Please let these items be on the sept issue.

Half Life 2 Demo
Latest Graphics Card Drivers
Digit archive for the DVDs
Tutorials for Flash,Macromedia,Maya,3DS Max
PDFs of older SKOAR Issues

NO more LINUX Distros,let the space be filled by some useful apps.


In the zone
Please do not give any linux ditributions for coming six months atleast
because Linux has already eaten up so much space on the DVDs. Please try to
include following in Sep 2005:

Nero or latest [full pack]
Nero Mega Plugin pack
Adobe Encore DVD
Unlead Moviefactory Disc Creator 4
Unlead Photo Studio latest version
NTI CD/DVD maker platinum
Intervideo Home Theater and all other products from Intervideo
Hollywood FX for Pinnacle studio
All Pinnacle Products
ALL latest Sony Products
Review of PCI-E graphic cards

Sreekanth V

Please include these

:) Hello,
I humbly request the following Authoring software Collection.

01. :arrow: Ulead DVD Movie factory 4
02. :arrow: Ulead CD& DVD Picture Show 3
03. :arrow: Ulead DVD workshop 2
04. :arrow: Nero Vision Express Template package I & II
05. :arrow: Nero Photoshow Elite 1.01
06. :arrow: Nero 6 Update packages
07. :arrow: Able Photo Slide Show 1.6
08. :arrow: 1st Photo To DVD Slideshow Burner 2.58
09. :arrow: Photodex Proshow Gold 2.5
10. :arrow: Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 :idea:
11. :arrow: Microsoft Photo Story 3
12. :arrow: Video Edit Magic 4.09 :idea:
13. :arrow: Photo2DVD Studio 4.2 :idea:
14. :arrow: Ulead Photo Express 4.0
15. :arrow: SlideShow pro 9.76 :idea:

All the above are very selective softwares. :D
Among them the 9th one is the most important. 8)
I request you to give all these in one Special catogory
or in multimedia section of DVD.


Note: :cry: I am posting it from july onwards, hoping this time.........


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Windows VISTA beta 1 which is scheduled for release on 3rd Aug is not a public beta and hence cant be provided. Hopefully, beta 2 will be a public beta which is to be released late 2005 or early 2006.


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well you always ignore developer tools i.e IDE for windows and linux you never give out IDE like kdevelop + QT designer kit or any linux IDE.
PLS give IDE for C C++java QT etc.

Pls include VMware workstation 5 for winodows
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