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Right off the assembly line
windows 7 90 days trial
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please add the following items in the following issue
Windows XP Mode RC
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Include some useful application(like codec pack, browser, video audio encoder, music vedio player ) for windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit make on section for this in DVD.


Trend Micro Internet Security 2010

Fast Track on Animation

some good videos for self training (Animation)

Highest Priority : - if really possible Get this... Richard williams Animator survival Kit

or Fast track on Advance Audio video Editing


+1 for the request for the return of the :razz:GOOD OLD DIGIT ARCHIVE:razz:.
The one you provide now is just not satisfactory :-|:-|:-|!!!


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November & December DVD:
Up to date drivers for Windows 7 for All Latest MBD Chipsets & graphics Card
AVIRA Antivirus
Kaspersky (AntiVirus + Internet security) 2010
Norton (AntiVirus + Internet security) 2010

GDATA (AntiVirus + Internet security 2010) (*


Old Digit Archive Please
More Linux Journals
Fifa 2010 or PES 2010 Demos
NFS Shift is also released so Demo please

reviews about Gaming Consoles and
Operating Systems :D


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Why look for demos instead of free games , I mean games like Urban Terror,Battle for Wesnoth,etc etc there are plenty of free games, I would appreciate if more free games which can run on both linux and windows machines are given on digit dvd ! One more thing videos covering entire webinar including question answer section should be given.
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Demo gives us a fair idea about gameplay of those commercial though great games :p

So we can decide if we want to go for a commercial game or not coz once you buy it there's no way to go back. So demo is really important.

As for free games I also play small free games a lot and I reall like them. Games like Trilby, Super-Mario, Cave story etc. are a great fun to play. :p


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I have noticed that most free large games of FPS, strategy, MMORPG, etc genre are basically multi-player games to be used in a networked environment or the internet and that these free games are basically the clients.

I would like to see a free large game which is single-player FPS / strategy type with a long storyline like in Doom, Quake, Half-life, Call of Duty, etc.


1. All the updates to Adobe Photoshop CS4.

2. The free or demo plugins for Adobe Photoshop CS4.

3. Different types of brushes, styles, presets etc.

And a Regular section on magazine on Advance photoshop tricks and tutorials for various effects.
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