[By Demand] May 2010

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So many requirements from all people. Hope you are able to meet everybody's requirement. This much amount of demand describes your popularity.
I too am conveying my requirement. I request you to add video tutorials on Visual Studio 2008 and also on MS Access 2007


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A simple request Fast Track to Upgrade Your P.C

Fast track TO WINDOWS 7 OR

Fast track to troubleshoot your P.C

? Digit open source project


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Dear Sir
Due to l.ots of power cut many people wants to buy an inverter. many company sales inverter with many specification its confusing please publish a review on inverter product this truly help us.
Best regards


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I would like to get on DVD

  1. Oxygen Open Office - which is considered an improvement on Open Office
  2. Netbook version Linux


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PCLinuxOS 2010 -KDE,Gnome,KDE MiniMe,Gnome ZenMini,LXDE,XFCE,E-17.:p
These are getting uploaded to the server since 12 Apr 2010.


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all old digit archives [from first issue to last one].
i am waiting for this for ages. i was disappointed in dec. i wanted all archives and i m dying to read all old issues.
[i lost dec 2008/2007 dvd which featured archives from 2001 to 2008/2007]
please dont postpone this to december, provide all digit+fast track PDF ASAP

aby geek

Cyborg Agent
asus designo series monitor review.
graphic card shoot out ( the last tim e u did radeon 5 u forgot 5850 , do it this time)
and what are the upcoming gpu's from both fronts.
high end cell phone shoot out please include SE vivaz.

z brush 3.5 demo
autodesk max 2011 trial
maya 2011 trial

1 full game

interviews from desin industry:
shoe designing
jewelry designing
apparel designing


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For DVDs
:arrow:Manual Update File of Avira (VDF)
:arrow:Adobe Creative Suite 5 Trial
:arrow:Reader-Designed Wallpapers
:arrow:Digit-Themed Wallpapers
:arrow:Rasterized Image-Vector Converter
:arrow:Windows 7's manual updates


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Oh yes..forgot about the Fast Track issue..;-)

Perhaps a Fast Track on either Ubuntu or Linux Mint 7 Gloria or Linux Mint 8 :smile:

the subsequent issues of Fast Track can over the above one by one & also Windows 7.


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Yup, a FT on Linux Mint 8 and Windows 7 would be a great :p

@ abcek - Avira antivir's update comes in a zip package - you can always download it from softpedia - but I also want to get avira and it updates instead of avast with the mag discs.

Windows 7 post released updates and Adobe Creative Suite 5 Trial would be nice addition :p
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