[By Demand] May 2010

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DVD must include Microsoft student for studying also games like rise of nation full version some video cutter or video ripper because October DVD is not running on my PC


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more news on the starting of digit tv should be made available ....
thats all for now...
and also reviews on internal and external tv tuner cards.. which to buy and to avoid
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There s a thread running... Five ubutu based distros, provide something of the kind, if u may pl.
N when ll we gt to see the preview


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@gr8techguru: thanks for the feedback, and viewing the videos. We are planning to make the news segment more regular.
@keerthi teja: joomla, drupal, wordpress check. We've been giving these periodically.
@every1: move this thread fast, as the demand thread is going to close early this time around.
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We have something special for subscribers this time around. Stay tuned.

Here is a quick preview, cannot give away too many details yet:

-30 entry level cell phones tested, and over 50 speaker sets and docks
-Digit CTC winners, the Open Solaris Geek Hunt Contest, and Digit's biggest Fan announcements are all in this issue
-An entire course called "Introduction to Computer Sciences and Programming" with all the lectures, slideshows, notes and tests (the videos are not downsized)

ps: This post is going to be heavily editing over the next 3-4 days. Post if there is something you are curious about, will put it in here

same issue for both the buyers....lol lamers...


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For News Stand Buyers:

* The Digit Rewind DVD. The Digit Rewind DVD is a journey through the history of computing, following the important developments from the 1970s to the 2010s and beyond. The Video DVD has an hour and a half of entertaining footage from different periods of computing, including the early GUIs, the launch of the first operating systems, the growth of software and it's piracy, the evolution of video games and the emergence of virtual communities. The DVD also explores a bit of the near future, including the progress of the Internet over the next decade and augumented reality.
* Digit Mini - The Digit Mini Booklet is a compendium of tech tech facts, quotes, mind games, trivia and more. This booklet is every self-respecting geek's pocket companion.


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fast-track track to wordpress ....and don't only give about wordpress.com blogs....give about wordpress.org blogs
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Developer tools -

MS Sharepoint server 2010 beta.
MS Sharepoint designer 2010 beta
Microsoft expression demos

Multimedia -

3d studio max/Maya demo
corel graphics suit demo

System -

Stardock software demos (Window blinds & other object desktop programs)

article -
latest gpu comparison (ATI 5000 series, fermi)
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