[By Demand] May 2009

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Right off the assembly line
Ubuntu 9.04, Jaunty Jackalope
Fedora 11 Beta
Windows 7 beta

ooops demanding too many OSes... :)
will be satisfied if any two are available...


Right off the assembly line
I am a regular reader of the magazine
and by proffesion i am a primary teacher
As in india computers are now also available for students of govt. Schools also. hence for those poor students I want to Do something so that they can stay connected with their study else in boring education system they don't take interest. So...........
I want to use computer for children education and fun
So kindly include teaching softwares and cartoon movies like tom and jerry or some funny games

I'll be thankful to you
I hope you will include it in your forthcoming magazine's :-?:-?:-?


EXIT: DATA Junkyard
^^ That'll release maybe towards end of May, I think Digit guys will include RC in June edition, that's y no Win7 yet.


Right off the assembly line
Hi digit.. This is my first request ever in any magazine.. I think you can include the webaroo web pack of your forums so that some unfortunate souls like me who don't have internet in home can browse the forums offline. I still remember the 5GB Wikipedia web pack you provide in past which is still running in home pc and I've got lots of info about everything. I hope you'll not let me down and include the webpack of your forums. Thank you.


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
plz do include current issue of "fastTrack" in digit dvds also ...

all those bg music in all ur DVD`s 1 rar file ???


Right off the assembly line
If possible......
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 & 2
n Fast Track to Python


Right off the assembly line
please do include the following chess contents:

chessmaster 10th edition
chessbase light(ofcourse trial)
grand master chess
deep sjeng
sigma chess

endgame database
endgame tablebases

and other softwares related to chess


Right off the assembly line
I need following drivers for Linux (ubuntu to be specific) in forth coming CD/DVD
1) Driver for modem, model LSP-350T
2) Driver for HP laserjet P1007
I hope this demand is fulfilled
plz include the Nintendo game classics likeMario,street fighter,double dragon(1,2,3,)Turtles,Battle city,Baseball etcthese all time g8s will b greatly loved n very small in size too so wont hurt the space too!!!!!!!

It was my first Requesting Post to Digit n wud b on 7th sky if my wish is fulfilled......
thx a lot


In the zone
Please include a review of all available dual sim phones; both dual GSM & DGMA as well as dual GSM handsets. It's times that you paid attention to this aspect of mobile users needs.


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How about making different folder for freeware and trial versions . . I know its mentioned free or trial along with the sw but it'll be more helpful if its sectionalised right . .
and i really miss the digit archive software . .
I love the interface of the dvd with flash . . I really wish if it could be used in desktop theme . . Is there some way to do so . .
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