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[By Demand] Digit August 2006 DVD/CD

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Raaabo's burning the July DVD right behind me...so I guess the time for July requests is over :)


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Please post the July contents first. It will help us to demand for August.

1. Theseus - Return of the Hero [Demo]
2. Audiotools v5.42
3. Blacksmith 3D Suite v2.2
4. Cinema 4D Studio Bundle v9.5
5. UltraEdit Studio v5.50a
6. Faces 3.0

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All previous issues of Digit in pdf
Total Commander PowerPack
ACE Mega CodecS Pack 6.03 - Professional Edition
Halo3 video E3

The Scene Miniseries on piracy
Wikipedia link:

Download link :
(Give the episodes 1 by 1)

Teh Scene - A parody of The scene
Wikipedia Link;


Add to that:

Pinnacle Studio 10 demo if available
And Plz make a Fast track on Mac
(If any of this is included earlier u can ofcourse leave it out)


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Include some movies from the public domain (freely available) if possible. Maybe one movie per month would be nice. Just a humble request.


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john_the_ultimate said:
Include some movies from the public domain (freely available) if possible. Maybe one movie per month would be nice. Just a humble request.
Already started this month onwards. We've decided to do a "Movie of the Month" thing.

Akhil Jain

Please post the July contents first. It will help us to demand for August

give a dual layer dvd everymonth from now

what abt 1 bootable dvd of fedora core 5 ( 64 BIT VERSION ONLY)... i have 32 bit version

is it legal , then give microsoft office 12 for beta testing
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well cant we see contents of july
and about what to ask just give demos of new games which as fps or tps
no strategy or simulation
and i want carmageddon


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Good Small Games, not the DOS based. Here is one site,


It has both old DOS games as well as windows games. Try to give games which were released after 1998 (release dates are shown clearly). Also look at the editor's rating, that will be helpful in choosing the games. So criteria for game selection should be,

1. Windows games
2. Released after or around 1995/1998
3. Editors rating

I have selected a few.


These were only from the Action category, there are a lot more. I didn't have time to go through all. You can provide many small games from this website in future issues, So bookmark this website.


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hey buddy you know what digit did this thiong way back in 2004
so don't ask it again.........he he
git it from the original site.
ok hold on leme tell you ..http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/
by the way a 103 mb file is not a huge thing to download.

have a good day


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You should include a Ubuntu 6.06 disc (even if iso) in digit. As many of you would know, Ubuntu is currently the most popular distribution according to www.distrowatch.com and I agree with it too. I find it the easiest to manage distro I have used so far (mainly because of the preconfigures packages in repositories, the helpful community at www.ubuntuforums.org and because it was one of the very few distros in which my ethernet card was detected and worked correctly)

Ubuntu can be obtained from www.ubuntu.com. Link to download page - http://www.ubuntu.com/download
Ubuntu can also be ordered free of charge from http://shipit.ubuntu.com
Ubuntu charts show that India is the country that has so far ordered 6th largest number of Ubuntu CDs (in total) from shipit. The number is from my memory. I had seen it somewhere on their website, but I dont remember where.

For the record, I am running Ubuntu on my PC as my main Operating System, and would like more people to benefit from the great OS.
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