1. pritish_kul2

    Got may 2006 digit

    Has anyone got digit may 2006 DVD/CD.....plzz contact me or post here.
  2. Y

    AVI files

    Hello everyone, got lil question to ask u geeks......can any1 tell me how to burn those AVI files to video DVD/CD without AVI files increasing they space. waitin 4 reply Peace!!
  3. Kiran.dks

    ****Issues in content of "Digit" DVD/CD****

    Virus/Malware Problems in "Digit" DVD/CD content Most of us here use the contents of Digit magazine provided DVD/CD freewares and Sharewares. They are doing a great job by providing us loads of freewares and sharewares from every segment. Contents is also provided by outside vendors. Jasubhai...
  4. ratzee199

    problem with DVD/Cd drive of Thinkpad R 52

    Hello friends.. i am facing a typical problem for the past few days... whenever i put a CD(VCD/ACD/data cd) in the DVD/CD rom bay..after 32-34 minutes it becomes stuck and a circular scratch is appered in the cds though it's a brand new cd. Also a lot of DVDs are not detected mostly the data...
  5. mohitgiri

    Play station 2 dvd on pc

    sir i want to run play station2 dvd/cd on my pc. if there a software which can run ps2 dvd/cd on pc then plz give me link. thanx.
  6. thewisecrab

    Hardware Config 4 Vista in 5k?

    Hi guys I've got a budget of about 5k.tell me what can i get to use vista(with aero if possible) heres my current config P4 with 2.4Ghz Intel DG845G mobo(i think) 512 mb of DDR RAM DVD/CD combo regarding the mobo it has 3 PCI slots :cool: :cool: help me out:confused: :confused:
  7. FatBeing

    [By Demand] Digit September 2006 DVD/CD

    Well, go on
  8. FatBeing

    [By Demand] Digit August 2006 DVD/CD

    You know what to do.
  9. FatBeing

    [By Demand] Digit July 2006 DVD/CD

    <insert sound of trumpets here> Let the demands begin!
  10. FatBeing

    [By Demand] Digit June 2006 DVD/CD

    It's the anniversary issue!
  11. FatBeing

    [By Demand] Digit May 2006 DVD/CD

  12. Raaabo

    [By Demand] Digit April 2006 DVD/CD

    Start demanding please :)
  13. A

    Digit DVD/CD - autostart - index.exe error

    When I insert the DVD/CD from Digit it doesn’t open automatically as it used to be. Untill yesterday every thing was fine. I installed wintools.net professional and cleaned registry suggested by it and I had done backup also. The error message is “INDEX.exe has generated errors and...
  14. S

    Free DVDs/CDs on the web ! ! [UPDATED] (All links together)

    LOT OF THINGS HAVE CHANGED SINCE I POSTED THIS.. So, am updating the contents a li'l more: :arrow: 10,000 books free DVD: Well, I know this for quite some time and most of you will be aware of it.. Yet this is for all newbies and those who don't know.. Get a free DVD/CD delivered to your...
  15. plsoft

    Dr DivX!!!

    Please include DrDivx 1.0.6 trial version in the next issue DVD/CD.
  16. Charley

    Upgradee Pentium I system

    :D Is it possible to upgrade Pentium 133 mhz system to a higher configuration i.e. memory, mother board, processor, dvd/cd writer, webcam, hard disk? How much wud it cost approx?
  17. O

    suse 9.2 dvd/cd

    hello does anybody in bangalore have the suse 9.2 dvd or cd for me to borrow copy??? Suse has altered their licence to allow the copying of their distro as long as its not for profit.
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