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  1. T

    Thoughts on HTC Desire EYE

    I am thinking about having a HTC One Desire EYE. I like the style of this phone and I am a selfie freak person. Will it be a good option for me?
  2. demoninside9

    Which phone is best

    Hi Guys, Please suggest which mobile is best among these. Samsung Galaxy J5 Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL Htc Desire 326 G Thanks
  3. J

    which mobile is best in range of 15000 to 20000?

    Samsung Galaxy E7: Rs.16,490 Xiaomi Mi4: Rs.16,490 HTC Desire 820: Rs.18,445 HTC Desire 816G (2015): Rs.15,754
  4. V

    Need a Dual-Sim Android --Budget 22k

    Need To buy a mobile for my sister... Budget: 22k Dual Sim: Yes,.Dual SIM only.. Primary Usage: Camera, Music, Social Networking Mobiles In Consideration : HTC Desire 820, HTC Desire 826, Xperia M4 Aqua , Desire 820S.... She has been using S4 till now..I love S4's display and...
  5. U

    Need help regarding a good phone within 9-11k

    Hi all, I searched the internet for a good smartphone but i am unable to decide, so please help. I found that there are 2 phones 1. Acer Liquid E700 2. HTC desire 526G+ I am considering Acer Liquid E700 but it has a non removable battery but i heard that the battery can come off if you...
  6. mikael_schiffer

    How is HTC still surviving?? Who is buying their products?? Illuminati??

    I just read the news about HTC earning some profit this year. If you ask me, this Taiwanese "Apple-Wannabe" company needs to die !! I cant believe people are actually buying HTC products. I can understand iSheeps. For them their devices add to their status symbols, but HTC...its just plain...
  7. R

    Htc One E8 launched for Rs 35,000 , Htc desire 616 launched for Rs 17,000

    HTC has launched two new smartphones in the Indian market. The first is the HTC One E8, a variant of the flagship One M8, and the second the Desire 616, a mid-range smartphone. The HTC One E8 is priced at ₹34,990 ($580) and the Desire 616 is priced at ₹16,900 ($280). The HTC One E8 is a...
  8. A

    Help wanted....Need to buy HTC Desire 210...!!!!

    What are the reviews on this phone HTC Desire 210 what are your suggestions....
  9. K

    is HTC DESIRE 816 worth buying?

    So finally HTC desire 816 is going to be available in India from 30th may. ( source : http://www.themobilestore.in/mobiles-tablet/htc-desire-816/p-31103-61034245521-cat.html#variant_id=31103-80125666145 ) i am planning to buy this smartphone and my main usage will media,gaming and...
  10. R

    Xperia M2 - Rs 21990 , Htc Desire 816 - Rs 23990 , Htc desire 210- Rs 8700 launched ..

    HTC One -Rs 49990 Xperia M2 - Rs 21990 , Htc Desire 816 - Rs 23990 , Htc desire 210- Rs 8700 . HTC One(M8) Launched for Rs 49,990 Xperia M2 Dual launched for Rs 21,990 Htc Desire 816 Launched for Rs 23,990 Htc Desire 210 launched for Rs 8,700 damnn this is a complete 180 degree turn ...
  11. A

    Moto G vs HTC Desire 500. So very confused.

    I have Rs. 18,000 and I am really confused between the HTC Desire 500 and the Motorola Moto G. I like both of them in terms of overall design, looks, specs, etc. But I still want a reply from the Digit community here. So help me guys.
  12. M

    Upgrading to Grand 2 from Desire SV

    Hi , i currently have a HTC desire SV.It has lots of issues and now is bricked.I want to buy a new phone with bigger screen and that can play HD Videos and has a better performance than the desire SV.But since the Moto G has launched will the Price of Grand 2 be reduced ? Its a little...
  13. R

    [Laugh Out Loud] Htc desire 700

    HTC Desire 700 dual sim specifications 5-inch (960 x 540 pixels) display ( 220 PPI ) 1.2 GHz quad-core Cortex A7 snapdragon 400 ( same chip as moto G ) 1GB DDR2 RAM Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) Dual SIM Active 8MP rear camera with LED Flash, BSI Sensor, 1080p video recording 2.1 MP front-facing...
  14. B

    HTC Desire 500 Vs Sony Xperia M Dual

    Hi Friends, Please advise me to select among HTC Desire 500 & Sony Xperia M Dual. HTC Desire 500 Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 200, quad-core 1.2 GHz Adreno 203 xperia m dual Qualcomm® MSM8227 dual-core 1 GHz Adreno 305 Which processor is better....? As I am not going to change the phone for...
  15. quagmire

    HTC One mini priced at Rs. 37299 and Desire 500 at Rs. 21490

    HTC One Mini Price in India - Buy HTC One Mini White Online - HTC: Flipkart.com HTC Desire 500 Price in India - Buy HTC Desire 500 Black Online - HTC: Flipkart.com HTC One Mini specs: 4.3-inch (1280 x 720 pixels) HD display with 341ppi 1.4 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400...
  16. quagmire

    HTC Desire 600 available for 27k

    Available at saholic HTC Desire 600 specs 4.5-inch Super LCD2 display of 540x960 resolution 1.2GHz Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor 1GB RAM 8GB expandable storage 8-megapixel rear camera 1.6-megapixel front camera Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G 1860mAh battery - Source
  17. ZTR

    HTC Desire 600 dual sim goes official, Sense 5 on board

    Quad core A5 :lol: Is it just me or is Sony and LG the only ones making decent mid range phones?
  18. dharmil007

    Desire hD @ 12.5 worth buying ?

    Hey guyz what do u think : is hTC desire hD worth buying @ 12500 ?? is it a good buy 'coz it is only Android 2.3 & nt upgradable to Android 4.0 {but obviously it can be rooted & can be upgraded.} & Considering there are loads of mobiles by karbonn & micromaxx in that range ? Budget...
  19. anky

    advice about HTC DESIRE V

    hello everyone.. i recently came across.. HTC DESIRE V it willl cost around 14-15k if bought from local shop.. i want to ask that will it be a wise decision to buy it..??..or there is any other mobile with similar config.. i have never used an android before..and i have heard a lot about HTC...
  20. tanvir37

    Wammy Desire 7

    Wammy Desire I would like to know your views on this tablet. Is it reliable? P.s: Should i buy this or look at some other tablet(budget max 8k)
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