1. B

    [Want to Buy] Solar powered power bank

    Hi Guys, It is summer time and electricity cuts have started in my area. I was looking for a power bank and I found some power banks which charge when kept under the sun. There is no reputed brand making the same. So, my query is anyone tried these solar power banks? I am skeptical to order...
  2. Vyom

    Query about RX 480 and MSI Gaming App functionality

    So its been about 2 months I am enjoying my RX 480 GPU. (Ma 1st eva gpu), and I had this query for quite some time. So I am throwing this out here, in a hope that someone knows the answer. My GPU supports 3 modes of operation. 1316 MHz / 8100 MHz (OC Mode) 1303 MHz / 8000 MHz (Gaming Mode) 1266...
  3. E

    A query about MS Outlook 2013

    Honestly I have never used Outlook, never, so I have no idea how they work, thus the query. I set up my Gmail account in Outlook 2013 for the first time and everything is good, but as soon as I open Outlook it starts synchronizing messages from very first email, which is way back six or seven...
  4. T

    HD7950 crossfire query and upgrade suggestions

    Guys... I own a Asus Direct CU II HD7950 (Non-boost) card and I absolutely adore it. It still can handle every game out there at ultra setting on 1080p resolution. Now I wanted to know can I crossfire it with R9 280 ? I was thinking about this - Buy Online SAPPHIRE DUAL-X R9 280 3GB GDDR5 OC...
  5. A

    [Query] WD service center in mumbai?

    does WD has a service center in mumbai ??? AH
  6. A

    Query about Pinterest

    I guess I have selected the right place to put up my query... I want to know How Pinterest works? I mean how to use this effectively to get benefit out of it. Thanks for any help in advance and sorry if this is not the correct place...but I genuinely want to know about this.
  7. Amithansda

    [HELP NEEDED]Starting My New Website

    I have a prior experience on ASP.Net aspx page coding, SQL server, MVC 3. I have created a site on my Local machine and tested on LAN. Now, my concern is how can I put my website online? I know I have to buy a domain, may be a shared server space. But I don't have a clear idea. And...
  8. Amir.php

    Query Regarding Xolo Q500

    Hi guys...since a long time i have posted on forum. Currently i have a query regarding xolo q500. According to the specifications...its looking nice quad core android mob with 1 gb of ram...and all great features...for solid value of money in approx 7000 ₹. I am thinking to buy it... Before...
  9. D

    Mulitplayer gaming Query ???

    Guys I need to know whether I can play with my friend who has internet connection to play any game Eg. fifa 11 with me by using the lan settings of the game..(In the same way like connecting a lan cable between two PC's)
  10. A

    Headfone for Xperia M

    :lol: guys one of my friend is looking for Headfones [not in ear] @ 2k max for both laptops and XM. He needs good clear crisp music quality , should not be bassy at all, should be comfortable. we both are noob...:rofl: So you guys please suggest... one personal query : I tried several cheap...
  11. P

    Query about Call of Duty Black Ops II

    Hey digit, I had a query about COD BO II that if we can play the zombies mode offline single player or not. I have non-legit copy of BO II so I was asking if there was any crack to do it. If there is please upload the link (NO SURVEYS PLEASE) because whenever I turn to online it says call of...
  12. kg11sgbg

    Query regarding Manthan Broadband network in Kolkata

    I am already a subscriber of Cable TV network ( digital) under Manthan Broadband Pvt. Ltd. in Kolkata. My query is that do they provide Data network(Internet) services as Broadband to willing customers? If so,what are the tariff's for Broadband data network?
  13. A

    how to search mongodb fieldtype timestamp?(symfony2)

    I use Mongodb. and create query. createAt field type is timestamp. ex) createAt => new MongoTimestamp(1361925805, 0), My query is ex) ... ->field('createAt')->lt(1361925805) ... but result is array(0). ex) select * from aaa where createAt < '125123123123' how to make mongodb...
  14. harshilsharma63

    Cheap gamepad query

    Hi, My wrists have started paining due to gaming on KB + mouse, so I am going to buy a cheap gamepad. The onlu doubt I have is weather I can play most games from it (considering the use of Xbox controller emulator) will it work only with a couple of games?
  15. C

    database query!!

    should i use microsoft sql 2005 with visul studio 2010............????????
  16. A

    xperia p vs samsung mini s3

    i had thought to buy xperia p around diwali but now confused with samsung minis3 should i wait for mini a little more ?? suggest some options for xperia p !!
  17. N

    Buying Asus g55 from Australia!! import query

    I am planning to purchase Asus g55vw from Australia via my friends who will be coming to India My query is whether he will have to pay anything other for tax or import charges??
  18. M

    VGA cable query

    I know you're the right person for my query. Please tell what these structures are and what is their function in the VGA cable. In some cables its on both end and in some it is present on one end. If its on one end on a VGA cable does it also determines the directionality of the cable in which...
  19. avichandana20000

    [Query] Wd rma policy

    Wants to know regarding WD RMA policy. Pls share if anybody having any experience.
  20. RCuber

    Unreal Engine 3 / Graphics Engine Query

    I am quite surprised on how many titles have used this engine. Why is it so popular? is this the most widely used engine? please share some facts about this engine which might not be available in our beloved Wiki. Also please mention the competitors/popular Game Engines. I gotta dig a lot on...
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