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BSNL is giving FREE Broad Band to NEW users

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BSNL Broadband was launched on my B'day......;) (14th Jan 2005)....I applied for it on the same day......

At that time they were giving free broadband uptil 30th June 2005 for new connections.......
I got my connection in March and I had 3 months of free Broadband but the speed was 256kbps.......:(

Kaash tabh 2mbps hota............


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BSNL has decided to offer free trial of 15 days for new broadband customers registering their demand for broadband under any plan upto 31st March 2008.
Terms and conditions :

  1. The existing wireline customers of BSNL can book for any plan of broadband and will be provided free broadband usage for first 15 days and the billing will start after completion of free period.
  2. In case customer does not want to continue with the scheme and intimates this to the concerned field units before expiry of 15 days, the connection will be closed.
  3. Customer will be free to choose any plan of his choice at the time of registering the demand with BSNL.
  4. All charges, as applicable for the chosen broadband plan, shall be payable by the customer after free trial period of 15 days is over and customer decides to continue with the broadband connection.
  5. Only type-I modems will be supplied free to the customer during the free trial period.
i have taken new internet connection...its in free 15 day trial period......wil i be charged.......

Will bandwidth be unlimited in the new plan that we choose for 15 days? :D
i have taken new internet connection...its in free 15 day trial period......wil i be charged.......
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This offer was valid only until 31st March.

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damn BSNL.. try to give atlease 1 Mbps to us on an unlimited package.. that would be good.. not this
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