1. ITTechPerson

    Kaspersky IS 2013 protecting my browser password - not allowing same password to other browser

    KIS 2013 is over reacting :punch:... protecting my browser passwords (i.e facebook/digit), 1st login at google chrome, but same password not accepting in IE/Firefox.:-x:-x Even I am unable to use FB at my office laptop with KIS 2013 :shock: Please any suggestion to configure the settings ? or...
  2. S

    Blue Screen Problem

    Sir I have purchased in Jun 2008an AMD Processor Dual core X2 6400+ and ASUS Motherboard(M3n78-EM) CPU with 2gb transcend ram and 250gb harddisk . I hav installed genuine Windows XP Sp3 recently and Protect with KIS 2012 and i hope my system is virus free bcoz i generally scan all the usbs...
  3. Terabyte

    [SOLVED] Doubt about Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

    I have just purchased KIS 2012. I was wondering that if I install it now and say format my PC in few months time can I still use the same key to install KIS after formatting? Thanks!
  4. M

    Problem uninstalling KIS 2011

    I had KIS 2011 subscription of which was expiring yesterday. I was happy with KIS 2011 but wanted to give a try to Bitdefender before deciding on which Internet Security suite to choose. I, thus, uninstalled KIS 2011 but found that many files/registry entries did not uninstall. I wasn't asked...
  5. pr.itdude

    Soemthing unusual......!!!

    Hi guyz..... coming straight to the point, recently my pc got infected by a malware which is detected by KIS and Avast, named synsenddrv.sys and loc is : C:\WINDOWS\system32\Drivers\synsenddrv.sys type:Rootkit.Win32.Small.bk Although detection, KIS is unable to delete or disinfect...
  6. soumya

    Kaspersky took 15 gb of my space!

    I had a variant of Win32.Kido virus in my external hdd which KIS 2009 failed to remove. It always gave the message that the virus would be deleted after restart, but nothing happened. Anyways, when I did the scan of the external hdd using KIS, it hanged and I had to restart. To my horror, about...
  7. heartripple

    KIS 2009 activation code?

    Hi guys, I have just a little confusion. It would sound silly but I dont have any idea what to do. So please help me. I just bought KIS 2009 3 users pack.:):):) Now I want to register it and update it. When I opened the pack I was surprised to see just one activation code. I read it is...
  8. iinfi

    KAV and KIS prices

    KAV and KIS prices on kaspersky website is INR 1625.00 and INR 1885.00 for a 1 year 3 user subscription. the same on laminton road is available for arnd Rs. 500. are these copies which they sell on Lamington legal? Kaspersky support is the worst in the world. They v still not resolved my...
  9. V

    100 days of KIS license

    Folks, Get 100 days of KIS license for free.. *
  10. C

    Get free KIS 2009 6 month license

    This is a tutorial to get KIS 2009 six month key for FREE. It's not piracy or illegal, so you can go ahead and do it. Download a trial version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 from here. Use the following key to increase the trial period to 6 months. T6B6K-8YK22-VBQH7-ZUZJG Forget...
  11. The Conqueror

    Free Genuine License for Kaspersky

    This isnt the illegal Barclay's offer Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 (KIS2009) is the latest version of Internet Security Suite from Kaspersky Lab. KIS 2009 version 8.0 is a new generation product for protection of home users against all types of data-related threats. Kaspersky Internet...
  12. RCuber

    [Query]Kaspersky 2009 Licence

    I have KIS 7.0 Installed on my laptop. I had paid abt Rs. 612 (incl all taxes). I was wondering if I can do a direct upgrade using old key to 2009 version. Also whats the cost of a fresh copy of KIS 2009 ? my vendor has only 7.0 and cant get 2009 right now. can I use a fresh 7.0 unactivated key...
  13. M

    KIS 7.0 keeps blocking sites!!

    hi, I have KIS 7.0 installed on my comp alongwith Win XP SP2. The problem is that KIS keeps on blocking some sites even if they are safe. I cannot access, I know these sites are safe but whenever I try to access them i get the message "Access denied - you...
  14. K

    Hum Kis Gali Ja Rahe Hein ?????

    Hum Kis Gali Ja Rahe Hein ????? . . . . . . . . . :D:D:D:D
  15. *GandaBerunda*

    help me!!! my vista is dying!!! :(

    guys, i was having a xp and vista dual boot setup (vista was lite version which had some componenets removed through nlite ), deciding to reinstall , i removed vista...then reinstalled xp....then installed vista. both the installations went perfectly. then i updated vista for the first...
  16. Akshay

    Tally 7.2 does not work with Kaspersky Internet Security

    I recently downloaded trial ver. of KIS Whnevr I tried running tally72.exe, it gave me error - Whn I uninstalled KIS, everythng started wrkg fine. With KAV, I never faced such prb. How do I repair dis prb.?
  17. A

    Bitcomet + Kaspersky

    Hi friends, I m hvng KIS on my Vista drive. When ever i run Bitcomet the firewall(KIS) starts asking for permission for every connection it makes n so ultimately i have to switch off the KIS. Can u ppl help me with the process of adding Bitcomet as an exception in the firewall
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