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BiA: HH or Fallout 3??? Please suggest me!!

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Hi, I wanted to buy some good games 'cause my Father bought me a new GPU ;). I thought of buying BiA: HH, but in so many threads, they say Fallout 3's great :rolleyes:. But I am scared of Ghouls :|. Is the Fallout 3 scary :confused:. I will be dead if I play Dead Space!! :D. Tell me which one to buy.


Suggest me good, new WW2 games :cool:



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Fallout 3 is good. Its got MANY quests to keep you glued but the thing is, both fall into different genres. BiA is a generic Tactical FPS while FO3 is a RPG. Decide what you like. And if its only the fun factor which is counted, then FO3 wins coz theres nothing better than killing each every person in the town with a Gatling Lazer :D.


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Me too don't play games with ghosts, zombies and weird creatures. Those things freaks me out. It's not like I'm scared of ghost or something. I just don't like sudden attack from back like those zombies do and those background sounds too.. freaky. I tried Left 4 Dead for couple of minutes and then deleted from my computer... lol . But I finished Bioshok yesterday. It was freaky too but I got used to it after couple of hours. :p
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