1. S

    Fallout 4 mods

    Hello! Do you know good trusted websites with new F4 mods? I alredy use WoM but for other gamez mostly. There are not too much Fallout mods. Can you give me some links?
  2. avinandan012

    Fallout Shelter

    Bethesda released a mobile game called "Fallout Shelter" during its Fallout 4 show. It is currently released on iOS. Android version coming within 4 months :cry: :-x. Player will play as vault oversheer. It's a fun game to play. It's free-to-play and no internet connection required during...
  3. Desmond

    Fallout 4

    Well, some leaked information has come up confirming that Fallout 4 is in the works. This has not been publicly acknowledged by Bethesda though. The confirmation comes from this guys LinkedIn page: Here he cites that he has worked on Fallout 4's cinematic trailer. Source: Fallout 4 was...
  4. sam_738844

    Fallout 4 to be announced :D

    Cryptic, unrevealing yet intriguing :) Fallout 4 trademark and teaser site hint at game reveal date - PC - News - HEXUS.net *crosses all fingers*
  5. A

    Halloween Sale , Need to buy Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition somehow?

    There's fallout 3 New vegas : UE on sale for 4.99$ [But it's not available in India] 1. How do i get the key? 2. Even if i get will it be region blocked in India? 3. Will i be restricted from downloading the game from steam? Please help sale is only till 1st november
  6. CommanderShawnzer

    where can i buy fallout 3?

    hi i checked on flipkart and game4u but they dont seem to have it but i found this on nextworld.in Buy Fallout 3 for PC in India at the best price. Screenshots, videos, reviews available. is this a good site? like flipkart or where else can i buy it please guys help me i am a fan of the...
  7. Psychosocial

    The Fallout New Vegas thread!

    Discuss the latest iteration of Fallout. I am playing it right now and am loving it!
  8. topgear

    Fallout New Vegas

    Experience all the sights and sounds of fabulous New Vegas, brought to you by Vault-Tec, America's First Choice in Post Nuclear Simulation. Explore the treacherous wastes of the Great Southwest from the safety and comfort of your very own vault: Meet new people, confront terrifying creatures...
  9. B

    FALLOUT 3 best DLC

    Which is the best DLC of Fallout 3 Operation acounrage The Pitt Brroken Steel Point Lookout Mothership zeta
  10. Desmond

    Fallout 3 Discussion

    Hey guys, All of you who have played Fallout 3 know what an awesome game it is to come out of the Bethesda stables. So, I dedicate this thread to discussing this game, the plot, interesting places to explore (Hell of a lot of these), etc. To start with, here are some of my queries: -How many...
  11. N

    Fallout 3....uhhhh..not scary! Is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. cLEAR SKY scary????

    Hi guys, been a long time, huh?? :rolleyes:. Anyway, I finally bought Fallout 3 :D, leaving aside the 'scary-game-to-me'. And it was superb! No scary, I battled with Ghouls with no 'jumps' or some sorta things :D. Is STALKER more or less scary?? Is it as not-so-scary as Fallout 3 or Is it...
  12. N

    BiA: HH or Fallout 3??? Please suggest me!!

    Hi, I wanted to buy some good games 'cause my Father bought me a new GPU ;). I thought of buying BiA: HH, but in so many threads, they say Fallout 3's great :rolleyes:. But I am scared of Ghouls :|. Is the Fallout 3 scary :confused:. I will be dead if I play Dead Space!! :D. Tell me which one...
  13. dineshameh

    Google-DoubleClick: Get ready for the fallout

    Google paid $3.1 billion in hard cash for DoubleClick in a deal that could transform online advertising. At the very least, Google gets an entry into the display ad market–one of its weaknesses relative to rivals such as Yahoo. Now the dealing is done (see story, Dan Farber, Donna Bogatin...
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