1. astakhova

    Best New Mobiles and tablet

    *MOD Edit: Self promotion links to own channel are not allowed.*
  2. astakhova

    Best Laptops 2017

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  3. B

    Codec needed for x265 mkv videos

    Hi Guys, I have few videos in x265 version and they are in mkv format. My media player classic is not able to play the video, it plays all other types of videos btw. The audio works fine though. I do not want to switch to vlc or some other player. Is there any specific codec which can help...
  4. Mehul Chauhan

    Philips 49inch 49PUT7791 4k test

    I cannot find any native 4k video to test my tv, all i'm getting is to download from youtube which i get noise and pixelation. i need any links for 4k videos to test my tv.
  5. avichandana20000

    Slow motion video

    i have a sony hx200v camera. What i need to know is that can i shoot slow motion video with it? there are youtube videos but no mention of the settings procedure. Sony HX200V - Slow Motion Test - YouTub
  6. M

    How to increase video bitrate?

    I created some videos using Screencast-oMatic but they have a low bitrate of under 200 kbps whereas I need them to be at least 300 kbps. How do I get a high bitrate for the videos?
  7. J

    What is the best free alternative to IDM for downloading YouTube Videos

    I want to download videos from YouTube but i just know about the Internet download manager, I use this as 30 days trial but it ask key after that. I have no money to buy it, could you please suggest me the download manager which allow me to download all YouTube videos form internet but it must...
  8. B

    Difference in color in Taskbar

    Hello Friends, There is a slight difference in color in the taskbar in our Windows 10 laptop. First I thought that the screen might be damaged due to weight or something but then I played some videos and games and the difference in color is not there in the bottom right part of the screen in...
  9. IronCruz

    iPhone 16gb or more?

    Hello guys. Im planing to buy my first iPhone. As iPhone SE was launched yesterday, im looking forward to the same phone. But im confused whether to go for 16GB version or 64GB? I have no idea of Application size on IOS. Currently im using Zenfone 5 16GB with 4GB of SD Card. I approximately have...
  10. bkpeerless

    Need resources where i can learn python

    Hi, Can u suggest me places where there is step by step instruction to lean python or videos. I am looking for intermediate and advanced learning. Basic is there in youtube.
  11. akash22

    Good Router Within 2k

    Well I am looking for a router within 2k tight budget. I am looking to cover full 3BHK if possible within my budget. I have Cable Net(Wishnet). So, non adsl will do I need at least 1USB Port (sweet if 2). I will be using it for light gaming and heavy streaming videos on 3 devices...
  12. S

    I wanna start : Youtube Videos - What Software and Hardware Setup is Needed

    Hi there I wanna start : Youtube Videos Channel - What Software and Hardware Setup at a pro level do i need (YOUTUBE TUTORIALS HD VIDEOS OF PREMIUM QUALITY ONLY, NO HIGH SPEED ACTION/TV/MARRIAGE VIDEOS) Please suggest a robuts setup if possible with a approx cost - New PC config...
  13. S

    What Camera to buy for Youtube Tutorial Videos ?

    Hi I need to make regular pro/semi pro videos to start youtube video channel. Usual videos will be lectures means stationary camera position but yes sometime natural moving movements. I have NIKON 3100 (which can record HD videos, have done quite a few) and a tripod. Extra Soft Lights for...
  14. S

    Android YouTube app buffering problem

    Recently i started watching YouTube videos on my mobile. Earlier i used chrome for that purpose but unfortunately chrome doesn't provide any options to change the video quality and is by default set you the lowest quality.. Hence i had to switch to the android YouTube app. But since then i...
  15. ajayritik

    Having trouble viewing and copying files from PC to iPad

    I recently updated my iPad to newer version using the Update option after connecting the iPad to my PC. After that update I'm unable to view the videos from the videos app on my iPad. When I use softwares like Shareit and Xender from my PC I can see the videos of the iPad in the contents of...
  16. T

    1080p PC Monitor for browsing and watching HD Movies

    All I do is browsing web where I read a lot of stuff, watch videos in my browser or 1080p Movies and TV Shows on my HDD and some MS Office. I need a full hd Monitor with a screen size between 21-23 with HDMI port. My budget is 15K. Don't know if the questionnaire is mandatory so, i'm...
  17. B

    Youtube video settings

    Hi Guys, I updated my Firefox to the latest version 41.0.1. Now when I watch videos on Youtube, the video qualities that I can see are Auto and 360p. There is no option to view the videos in 240p format, which I really need as I have a slow connection. I selected, I have a slow connection...
  18. ajayritik

    Need software to convert HD Videos to format that can play on my PMP

    I recently got my Cowon A3 PMP fixed which can play FLAC files and Videos files. However most of the videos I have are HD that is either 1080p or 720p which I try to play on my PMP says resolution not supported. Do we have any software which can convert these to formats which can be played on...
  19. P

    Looking for right decision!

    Hello, I am looking for a chat application to implement it to my website. I don't have idea which to use or which is best. I came across Envolve and Chatwing but still looking for more options before I decide which to take. Have in mind I want to be able to post youtube videos and charts into...
  20. mitraark

    VFM 27 monitor for browsing coding videos

    Looking for a VFM ( Read, Cheap but reliable ) 27" Monitor Will primarily use it for ( sorted according to priority, DESC order ) * browsing the internet, code ( hence 27", or is 24" going to be more value for money ? ) * Watch 1080p music videos. * Play FIFA/GTA * Maybe watch...
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