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  1. NiGHtfUrY

    Upgrading(or downgrading) from ivy-bridge to haswell.

    (please tell me how to display my rig under my posts,i.e what you guys refer to as Sig.) This is my existing rig,along with haf 912 and corsair gs600. I am looking to sell my i-5/3570k and gb z77x-ud3h for 14k and 12 k respectively ,because i am not really interested in overclocking and i use...
  2. darkther

    Best H77 motherboard under 7.5k

    I was just trying to build a good balanced config though I am not gonna buy (have nothing else to do lol), so I am looking for a good h77 motherboard under the price of 7.5k.
  3. 6Diablo9

    Need a phone below 7.5K

    1. Budget? A. 7.5K Max 2. Display type and size? A. Capacitive. I'd prefer a bigger screen, But anything close to 3.0" is fine. 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? A. Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? A. Any VFM. 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad...
  4. cacklebolt

    Second hand moto defy @ 7.5k

    i came across an offer on olx selling the motorola defy for 7.5k ..is it worth it ??? i am tempted because the defy has one of the largest developer base arnd and that for me is a crucial factor and sometimes a dealbreaker for me while buying a phone. should i go ahead with the offer ??
  5. A

    Graphics Card at around 7.5K

    Hi, I want to play current PC games at 1366x768 resolution with full/medium graphics settings. Please suggest me a good graphics card at around 7.5K. Below are my current system spec: SMPS: FSP Saga 600W Processor: i3-2100 Motherboard: Intel DH67VR
  6. angie

    Usb 3.0 Hard disk 1TB suggestions

    I want to buy a USB 3.0 hard disk with 1 TB capacity (2,5 inch portable). My budget is around 6k. Please advice. Max. I can go to 7.5k. I was thinking of buying this But then I found that it will need another cable worth 2-3k for USB 3.0 support. Do all hard disks need another cable...
  7. subratabera

    Best 19" LCD monitor within 7.5k

    Best 19" (or 15") TFT monitor within 7.5k Hi, Please suggest me a 19" (or 15") monitor within 7.5k range. It should have swivel base, good response time and resolution. I will basically use it for gaming, multimedia and occasional reading purpose. How about LG monitors? Regards...
  8. saqib_khan

    Which mob under 7.5k ???

    In my previous post I asked which mob to go for under 5k, but now increased my budget to 7.5k. Therefore i started new thread. There r 4 main things i want: First Priority : Best Camera Second Priority: Gud music Third Priority: FM Fourth Priority: Symbian. If it will be a Symbian...
  9. comrade

    Nokia 5500

    So how is nokia 5500...i have seen so many threads suggesting 5200/5700...but its no where mentioned about 5500..am stunned against its features..being a symbian v9 rel 3 fone its available for just 7.5k @ univercell. Some reviews were against its keypad....anyone here had any such problems. am...
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