1. D

    Accenture or TCS - For laterals

    Hi All, Need guidance of you guys. I have an offer of both Accenture and TCS. Which would better or more suitable to join for growth and onsite (US or UK). In terms of onsite which is better. I am having 12 Years of experience in Java/J2EE but from last 3 years working on digital platform in...
  2. G


    Is it a good technology to work upon in TCS to go abroad?
  3. gdebojyoti

    TCS eligibility for B. Tech 7th sem backlogs

    I was going through the TCS Eligibility Criteria for freshers (TCS-Careers). I have one question in mind. I am a 4th year student at an engineering college under WBUT. I received my offer letter from TCS about 3 weeks ago. I am currently taking my 7th semester examinations and they are...
  4. D

    Help needed regarding preparation for Croma Tech Grandmasters 3 and TCS ITWiz.

    Hello, I recently won a IT Quiz at KES College, Mumbai. So, Now I want to participate in Croma Tech Grandmasters 3 and TCS ITwiz Mumbai Prelims. I have solved last 3 years TCS ITWiz papers till now. How should I prepare further for both the events? Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. napster007

    Job Referral Thread

    Hey friends, I work at TCS Hyderabad as a Assistant system engineer. It has been above an year here for me. We keep getting internal mails about various job offers around the country were TCS has vacancies. So we basically can refer people for that position. After clearing the interview process...
  6. S

    Which company to join IBM Global Business Services or TCS

    Hello, I got placed in 2 big companies. One is IBM GBS and one is TCS. Both are good companies but am not be able to decide which will be better for me to join. I am a fresher and did in Computer Science. Both companies offering me Associate System Engineer job role. Package in IBM is...
  7. H

    TCS or Accenture for Sharepoint

    Hi Recently i have got selected in both TCS as well as Accenture. I m confuse which company to join ,Packages offer are almost same. Which Company either of two has more Sharepoint Growth i have 2.2 yrs exp in Sharepoint
  8. V

    Programming basics in Infosys, TCS, etc.?

    There is this popular article about training in Infosys, TCS and other IT vendors circulating in NITs these days. I am confused about this point from the article: Re: Infosys, TCS, or Wipro? - Susam Pal Most of the article was not relevant to me because as a fresher I am ready to join a...
  9. tkin

    TCS or Accenture?

    Hey guys, recently I got selected in both TCS and Accenture campus recruitment drives, now they are giving identical salary(3.16 lakh PA for TCS and 3.0 for Accenture), but Accenture will be giving 23k per month as fixed salary while TCS will give 19k per month as fixed salary and rest 5k is...
  10. Garbage

    For all those who are planning to join BIG IT companies

    Read more ...
  11. A

    Accenture Vs TCS

    Hi I am currently in a final year engineering (Instrumentation Technology branch). I got campus recurited to both TCS and Accenture :) I am in a dilemma regarding which one to choose. I have found that both companies have their (+) and (-) TCS: (+): Excellent Job Security Kind of easy...
  12. T

    Tcs wiz it

    Can anyone give me an idea as to what type of questions are aasked in tcs wiz it and also can someone suggest any good quiz book which will include IT history, important people,patents,companies,ceo's,recent developments,different technologies etc.
  13. S

    best certification to get hired

    hello I am 3rd year cse student i am looking to do some certification this summer but i am not so sure about them i know certifications add value to your resume but will they increase my chances in campus placements in s/w companies like infosys, wipro, tcs etc. is it worth the effort...
  14. NucleusKore

    Foreign students make a beeline for Indian jobs

    With the job scenario being dull in Europe and the U.S., many foreign students are heading to work or intern in India, reports Economic Times. Sunghoon Kim, an MBA student from Rotman School of Management, Canada, is interning at Infosys, as part of the instep programme. "The job market in...
  15. M

    Urgent help needed regarding TCS - PLZ HELP ME

    I NEED YOUR URGENT HELP actually i am TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) aspirant and got all the previous year question paper sets. but the main problem is that i am not getting the step by step solutions to many tough questions TCS is on 12th at my college please help out if you know from...
  16. Garbage

    which one to choose - TCS or Cognizant ??

    hello !! I'm doing Final year of B.Sc.(Computer Science) in University of Pune. I got selected in TCS thru campus interview in August. And also for Cognizant yesterday. TCS is giving package of 1.8 per annum as Developer. Cognizant is giving 1.91 per annum as Software Tester. So, which to...
  17. anandk

    "infosys, microsoft most respected Indian IT cos."

    business world survey results : the 10 most respected (IT) cos in India - infosys microsoft ibm hp wipro tcs cisco dell niit hcl BusinessWorld 9/4/7
  18. devaraj

    TCS to add 30,000 jobs

    Source: Reuters ----------------- Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will spend Rs 1,300 crore on capital expenditure and add 30,000 new employees to its existing 60,000 workforce this year. TCS grew at 38% for the year and has projected a growth of 28-30% in ’06-07 in line with Nasscom estimates...
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