Are YOu a Friend of GNOME :(

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Debian Rocks!
GNOME users,pls have time to read this article.
The KDE project is famous for its funded and organised trolling of
weblogs and message board associated with Linux and Free software/open
source. Outrageous newbie impressing claims are made for the software
and huge quanities of FUD are spread to destroy competitors. If this
sounds familiar, then you are correct, most of these tactics were
lifted straight from Microsoft's arsenal of dirty tricks. The Windows
look and feel is not the only thing the KDE project has copied! In
this short article I will address some of the lies and FUD spread by
the KDE trolling teams. It is my hope that this, in some small way,
will redress the balance and re-introduce two things almost eradicated
by the KDE project: Honesty and facts.
read more @slashdot:

i dont want to start any flame wars.mod can remove this post if it does.i sincerely want to make known FOSS users few simple facts.


IMHO, people will use only wat suits them the best and what they r used to. MS marketing strategy for windows OS is known to everyone. But still no. of linux users r increasing! KDE is nice but still its heavy on resources and takes a some time to start.

Lastly I wud say, Gnome is my friend!


Just another linux lover.
KDE is improving a lot. In OpenSuSE 10.2, it is very much usable and nice. With KDE 4 things will change and we might shift to KDE again...


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KDE was always my fren! :) i, however, find no probs wid gnome. but then its all about personal choice! hmmm... yes, kde's heavy on system resources.


Debian Rocks!
for all kde users

A New year resolution for all KDE users;) though two months late:
"I never hate and propaogate hate against GNOME and other non-KDE Desktop Environments"
hating a particular DE and spreading FUD will not do good for FLOSS.

i cant imagine all apps been using qt library and deps on a company called trolltech,whether whatever license do they give it to us:(:(.I like gtk2 apps.
read this:
30 Days In GNOME vs. 3 Days In KDE

how bad it can be Linux even be changed into Klinux:(:( for kde users :((


KDE helped make my transition from windows to linux a little less painful. I am always at sea with Gnome. It consumes a little more RAM, never mind, but its worth it. Yes, I too use Open SuSE 10.1 with KDE.
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