1. Godoftheforbiddenlight

    sapphire vapour x cpu coolers??

    SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X UNIVERSAL CPU COOLER is sapphire trolling ??
  2. revolt

    should this be allowed?

    There is a certain member in this forum whom i dont like. Had I met him in real life I would have loved to kick in his face.Beat him etc etc…He is an idiot and is trolling too much.If I abuse him in open will the mods only banish me?I don’t have anything with other members except him. His...
  3. freebird

    Are YOu a Friend of GNOME :(

    GNOME users,pls have time to read this article. read more @slashdot: i dont want to start any flame wars.mod can remove this post if it does.i sincerely want to make known FOSS users few simple facts.
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